The Yamaha FZ8 one of the finest Yamaha machines on offer ?

In a look today at some of the finest motorbikes available on the road today, we bring up the popular motorbike brand Yamaha and one of their models which is available on the road right now the FZ8.The FZ line up from Yamaha or 'Fazer' as some refer to it as is one of the companies biggest selling lines along side other models such as the R1 and the R6. The FZ1 is one of the companies finest on the road right now and has proven to be some good competition for the likes of the Suzuki Bandit amongst other machines. Is this FZ8 model worth investing into though and could this prove to be another of Yamaha's finest motorbikes on offer right now ?.


What makes the Yamaha FZ8 a good all round performer ?

So what stands out with this particular bike from Yamaha and what features of the model help it out as a good rival for Triumph and Kawasaki ?. Well first of all we see the welcome addition's of a four stroke liquid cooled engine that comes along with a 779cc engine. An electronic fuel injection system a digital ignition system and an electronic starter also comes along with this particular motorbike. This FZ8 model also benefits from a standard six speed transmission system also. A monoblock suspension system and a hydraulic braking system also comes with this FZ8 model.


In terms of the design and colour scheme that comes along with this bike, we see this different paint schemes come in the colours of Race Blu,Matt Grey,Competition White and Midnight black also comes along as an option too.


How much does the Yamaha FZ8 sell for ?

We are pleased to report this brand new Yamaha FZ8 model is officially on sale right now from your closest Yamaha dealership around the UK. In regards to the price tag that comes along with this bike, you can make the purchase and ride away on one of these beautiful bikes for a price of £6,999.