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Firstly, what is 'Negative Equity Gap Insurance'?

Well, if you buy a car for say £6,000 and your part exchange vehicle has a finance settlement higher than what it is worth, (say you still owe £4,000 and the vehicle is only worth £2,000) then how can you finance your new vehicle?

In such circumstances, your finance agreement may carry forward negative equity from your old vehicle. So using the figures above, you could borrow £8,000 to cover the purchase price of your new vehicle and the 'negative equity' still outstanding on the old one. 

If you were looking for a Gap Insurance policy, you could look to a Negative Equity Finance Gap Policy that would cover the difference between the new vehicle market value and the outstanding finance settlement, including the negative equity from your old vehicle.  

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Negative Equity Finance gap is an innovative an additional option to add to finance gap insurance. 

In brief, negative equity finance gap insurance allows you to carry an amount of 'negative equity' from a previous finance agreement to a new finance agreement. Negative equity Gap Insurance can pay the difference between your vehicle's valuation when it is written off and the amount you still have outstanding on finance, including up to £2,000 of negative equity carried from a previous finance agreement. This can be a good form of Gap Insurance to consider if you have bought a vehicle on finance and the agreement carries some form of negative equity from a previous finance agreement.

So if you purchase a vehicle for say £15,000 but have to take a loan for £17,000 to cover a previous finance settlement on a part exchange. 2 years later, the vehicle is written off and valued at £9,000 but you still owe £13,000 on the finance. Your negative equity finance gap insurance can cover the shortfall between the vehicle's value and the amount still outstanding on the finance. This means that you can clear your finance with nothing left to pay.

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As with any insurance policy it will come with some exclusions.

Most importantly you need to check that your vehicle qualifies and that you have fully comprehensive insurance. 


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