Aequitas Automotive Privacy Policy

 1. Our Privacy Policy, is a trading name of Aequitas Automotive Limited who will protect your personal information and any other data you provide via this and any other web site operated by Aequitas Automotive Limited. This Privacy Policy contains important information about how we use your information, once provided. This Policy outlines the information we collect about you, how we collect then use or share it with third parties (normally motor dealers).

2. The information collected
2a) If you require an online quote or other information, it will be necessary to complete an online enquiry form. This information is collected as and when you complete the enquiry form and use any of the services available on this site.
2b) We may use your information to enhance your web experience and help ease future visits to help us display products or services that could be of potential use or interest. We monitor traffic usage which helps improve future layout and design. 

3. Consent by You

3a) You understand and agree that personal information is transmitted to Aequitas Automotive Limited or to our web server host to assist us to maintain the running of this site.
3b) You agree to Aequitas Automotive Limited providing personal information to any court of law in accordance with the court's instructions, should such occasion arise.
3c) You authorise the processing of personal information by Aequitas Automotive Limited for the purposes of carrying out a credit check where such a service has been requested.
3d) You explicitly agree to the collection and use of your information, as set out herein, for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy by the use of this site.

4. Sharing of Information with Third Parties
The UK Data Protection Act of 1998 governs in the storage and disclosure of personal information that you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access to such information.

5. Indemnity for Data Protection
You acknowledge that in the course of advertising your goods or services on this site, your employee/agents/sub-contractors' details may be captured and stored by us. If so, you must ensure you obtain express consent for the personal data transfer and use. Also that consent is given to process such stored personal information for the purposes set out within this Privacy Policy. You indemnify Aequitas Automotive Ltd from and against all claims by any employee/agent/sub-contractor or any 3rd party arising from your failure to obtain the consent described above.

6. How we protect Your Information
6a) We use secure server software which encrypts information prior to being transmitted. We follow normal security procedures storing information that you give to us securely. Sometimes we might ask you for proof of ID prior to disclosing personal information.
6b) Access to your information is limited to those employees needing access to such information. Employees are educated as to the confidential nature of your information and the importance we place on maintaining total confidentiality at all times.

7. Changes
Aequitas Automotive Ltd reserves the right to add or amend the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time, without prior notice to you. Should we change these terms, the new Privacy Policy will be posted online, effective immediately from the new posting. Please review this page if you need the latest Policy information.

8. Contact
You can Call Aequitas Automotive Limited on 0800 195 4926 or email customer services at

9. Credit Card Security

Aequitas Automotive Limited trading as has never and will never store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

10. Cookies

EasyGap uses Cookies to collate data on user behaviour on the website. This enables us to improve the user experience and maintain security during your stay. For more information please visit our cookie policy page.

This information is correct as of May 2012. This information is subject to change following a change in regulations, update due May 2018.