Deferred Combination RTI or VRI Gap Insurance with Easy Gap

Why would you want to buy Deferred Gap Insurance? 

If you buy a brand new vehicle, your own motor insurance policy may provide 'replacement' cover in the first 12 months of your ownership. This used to be a "perk" of buying a new car and was the norm.

With the cost implications to insurance companies more and more companies are pulling away from the cover but there are still a number of very big, reputable household named insurance companies that do! So please check with your own insurance company before you buy any level of deferred gap insurance.

How to Build a deferred Gap Insurance quote.

i- Click for a quote, and answer the questions.

iii- Build your quote, and the important aspect is select the number of years you wish to add to the end of your deferred period. So if you wish to get 3 additional years then simply opt for the 3 years in the drop down. Remember to also when considering to defer your cover that you need to assess the 'claim limit' closely. For example if you take a three year policy and defer the start date, you need to pick a claim limit suitable for 4 year cover.

iv-Click to buy your policy, simply fill in your details and the vehicle details but please remember to enter the date up to 12 months in advance that you would like your policy to start.

What does it mean to you if your own motor insurance company do offer the new for old cover?

By taking the Gap protection from Day 1 then you could be in effect paying for the 'gap' cover twice in that first year.

All insurance especially motor insurance is expensive so why not take advantage of a perk of your cover? You could delay buying your policy but then you would have owned your vehicle for over 180 days and would therefore not be eligible for the higher levels of protection. The ever present catch 22. Pay twice or miss out on higher levels of protection.

The answer, subject to any terms your own insurance company may have could may be to defer the start date of your cover with Easy Gap insurance!

Some Gap Insurance providers say I should not defer my start date even though I have replacement cover on my motor insurance, why?

We would stress that we are trained and regulated to talk to you about our policies and be able to identify features and benefits our how our policies perform. So when it comes to this question the only real answer is to ask them. We strongly believe that as being able to defer the start date of your policy is a major benefit, that the only reason a supplier would not advocate that you at the least double check with your own insurance company is that they may not have the facility. 

We would also always request that you do not simply assume that your insurance company will cover you and instead would always ask you to double check. Of course if you find punitive conditions for your replacement cover, such as a mileage restriction you are likely to exceed, then you can take the Gap policy from day one. If your motor insurer does have replace the vehicle and you have an Easy Gap policy in place then we will transfer the remainder of your cover onto your replacement vehicle. 

What is the longest deferred policy term Easy Gap can offer?

The longest period that our underwriters can provide cover for is 5 years from your vehicle purchase. So if you want your policy to start from day one then the maximum length would be 5 years.

This means that if you want to take advantage of your insurance companies "new for old" style cover the maximum would be a 4 year deferred policy.

At the moments we cannot provide a 5 year policy with a deferred start date.

Can you defer the start start of any policy?

At the moment Easy Gap Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Policies are the only types that may require a deferred start date. 

The other styles of gap insurance we offer are Finance and Contract Hire Gap and Agreed Value Gap which can both be bought at any point of vehicle ownership (within policy limits). As you can buy this type of policy at any time you will not need to defer the start date and can instead set these policies live at any time during your contract.
Our Deferred Gap Insurance is still as feature rich instead, you are simply making sure that you are not paying twice for double cover. Before you buy gap insurance for your vehicle, why not compare our policies?

We pay £250 towards your own motor insurance excess.You can Transfer your policy to another Vehicle (subject to eligibility) Free of Charge.

Our policies cover all Factory Fitted Options and up to £1500 worth of dealer fitted options. You can also cancel your policy within 30 days and providing you have not attempted to make a claim, you can have a full refund. Our policies cover all named drivers. The price you paid for your vehicle is not limited to any form of a guide price *except Agreed Value.

In fact the full list of policy features goes on and on; deferrable, transferable, cancelable and fully regulated. So why not click or call and speak to a member of the team about how a Deferred Gap insurance policy could help you?