RTI Gap Insurance - Return to Invoice

Why buy RTI Gap Insurance?

If you are happy with your understanding of Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and simply want to click through and purchase an Easy Gap Return to Invoice policy, then why not click through our automated system and follow the process or call one of our customer service team on the freephone number of 0800 195 4926.

If you wish to find out more on how Return to Invoice Gap Insurance can protect yourself and your finances, then you have come to the right page. This form of Gap protection is said by many in the industry to be the most popular form of protection due to the level of exposure within dealerships across the UK.


How does RTI Gap Insurance work?

Return to invoice gap insurance pays the difference between your vehicles valuation on the day it is written off and the original invoice price you paid. Essentially if your vehicle is written off between the two insurance companies (your own insurance company and your gap insurance company) you will be paid the invoice price back (less road fund which you can claim back from DVLA). This means that you now have all of your money back, giving you the ability to clear any outstanding finance if any, and the chunk in the middle, the deposit and the equity you have is yours to do with as you wish.

This is the most commonly offered from of gap insurance by main dealerships even though they may have called it something completely different. They may have called it something along the lines of RTi, RTI +, Gap protection, Asset protection plus or what ever name they have used the most important aspect is that this level of cover is protecting the invoice price you have paid.
What can Return to Invoice Gap Insurance do for you?

For illustration purposes lets say that you have just bought a new Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI S 5 door which according to What Car magazine you will have paid in the region of £17,880.00. Your Golf is amazing and everything is going well until you return to the car park one day to find a large space where your pride and joy should have been.

Your insurance investigate and decide that your golf has gone and agree to write the vehicle off. They duly send you the value of your Golf on the day it was written off which again according to What Car would be £9010.00. In this example you would receive: £9010.00 from your own insurance company - £8870.00 from your gap insurance company less the cost of your road fund. This means that you know have the full price you paid back which you can use to replace your vehicle. If you had paid for your Golf using finance then you would need to settle your finance agreement but the the balance would be yours to do with as you see fit.
Easy Gap return to invoice gap insurance policies as you already know are underwritten by a real financial heavyweight and are a combined level of protection.

They also have many policy features so you will be pleased to know that all of our return to invoice policies 

Pay £250.00 towards your own motor insurance excess

Cover the cost of paint protection

Cover the cost of Non-Transferable Warranties

The price you have paid is the price you protect as our return to invoice polices are not limited to the cost in any guide price.
Return to Invoice Gap Insurance - RTI Gap Insurance can be a good form of Gap Insurance to consider if you have ...

Purchased your vehicle for cash, purchased your vehicle from a dealer, purchased a vehicle which is under 8 years of age and purchased a vehicle under 120,000 miles.

Every vehicle loses money but some devalue quicker than others, depending on what they are being used for and even the specific make or model. If your vehicle is written off, the difference between your vehicle's valuation and the price you paid can be many of thousand pounds. Your motor insurer will give you the market value of the vehicle on the day it was written off, due to depreciation, this is likely to be a considerable amount less than the invoice price you may have paid for the vehicle. 

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