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You may not know the question of whether you can own your lease car at the end of your contract is a big issue in terms of gap insurance and will affect the choices you have. So always check with your lease car company before you commit to any level of protection.

If you can not own your vehicle at the end of your lease contract or simply want to protect the difference between your lease cars valuation on the day it is written off and your outstanding financial liability then you need to consider a form of finance and contract hire gap insurance. If you can own your lease car at the end of the contract you now have much more choice and can now chose from protecting and finance shortfall, the invoice price you paid and even the replacement cost.

Don't forget that your own insurance company may offer you new for old within the first 12 months as part of your motor insurance. If they do any you are happy with any terms or conditions they may have why not defer the start date of your policy and save even more money.
If you are buying your vehicle on a form of a lease and you can own the vehicle at the end  ( please not that ownership must be able to be passed directly to you ) then vehicle replacement could be an effective way to protect yourself financially.

Vehicle replacement is unlike any other form of Gap Insurance as you are not simply protecting an already ready know set in stone financial amount, instead you are protecting the replacement amount what ever that may be.

This is because vehicle replacement pays the difference between your vehicles valuation on the day it is written off and the amount of money would would need to spend to buy another vehicle the same age mileage and condition as yours was on the day you first drove it home from the dealership or the amount of money outstanding on finance which ever is the higher.
Return to invoice gap insurance is one of the easiest forms of lease car gap insurance to understand.

As always before you consider protecting yourself you need to make sure that you form of lease allows ownership to pass directly to you at the end of the contract. If it does then return to invoice could be an option. 

We know that vehicles loose value over time , in fact in some cases industry expert predict that the average vehicle can lose up to 50% within the first three years alone. We know that your own insurance company is only ever liable to offer you what our car is worth on the day it was written off and when you combine these two harsh but very real facts of life together it is easy to see how having your lease car written off really could leave you with a huge financial burden. Return to invoice lease car gap insurance can help as if your car was written off it would simply pay the difference between your insurance comapnies settlement and the original invoice price you paid or the outstanding finance.( which ever is the greater). This means that you now have the full purchase price back and can clear any finance if necessary and then the balance is yours to do with as you see fit.
If you can not own you lease car at the end of the contract then in the world of gap insurance this limits you to the types of cover that you are eligible for. As your lease car can never be yours you can not protect the invoice or replacement cost instead you can protect yourself against your financial liability.

It is a sad, harsh but completely true fact of life that the moment that you buy your car is will start to lose value. Equally that your own insurance companies is only ever legally obliged to offer you a settlement of the cost of your lease car on the day it was written off. This means that if you lease car is written off then the amount that your own insurance company will offer can be thousands and thousands of pounds less than you original paid or what the car was worth or what is outstanding on your finance agreement. Your lease company may wish to call this amount, anything from back rentals to settlement either way it is a physical amount that you need to pay to be able to walk away from your old lease car without any financial liability. This is exactly where lease car finance gap insurance can help as it would simply pay the difference between your lease cars valuation on the day it was written off and clear your outstanding liability, leaving you free to find another.
Lease Car Gap Insurance Top Tip.

Before you buy any form of lease car gap insurance you need to be absolutely sure which type of lease you have. This is because the question of ownership in the world of gap insurance is very important. 

If you can never own your car then you can not protect yourself with certain levels of cover. So before you start to shop around for any form of protection please make sure that you know what will happen at the end of your lease.

You may not plan or ever want to own your car but if you have the choice then this opens up a lot more levels of protection for you to choose from. If you are in any doubt please check with your finance company then simply click or call and speak to a member of the team.