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What can an Easy Gap Car Gap Insurance do to help to protect you and why should you consider buying Car Gap Insurance? With 30 million vehicles in the UK, the majority of them being cars, these vehicles have generally one characteristic in common.........DEPRECIATION.

There is every chance your vehicle will lose value over your period of ownership, which we are sure does not come as a great surprise to you.Car Gap Insurance can be used to protect several aspects of the depreciation should your vehicle be written off by your motor insurance company. Typically a car may lose 60% of its value from new, in the first 3 years of its life. Even by looking to buy a used vehicle, the car will not be immune to depreciation. This can create quite a shock should your vehicle be written off and you realize how much your vehicle has lost in the time of your ownership.

What is Return to Invoice car Gap Insurance and what can it do for you?

Combined Return to invoice gap insurance is the most common level of gap insurance offered by main dealerships. 

In short combined return to invoice gap insurance pays the difference between your insurance companies settlement on the day your car was written off and the original invoice price you paid or the amount of money outstanding on finance, which ever is the higher. ( less your road tax which you can claim back from DVLA ) From this you can clear any finance you may have outstanding and the chunk in the middle the deposit and the equity you have is yours to do with as you see fit.

Our polices have many customer friendly features and we guarantee to beat any quote so why not click or call and speak to a member of the team about your car gap insurance options.
What is Vehicle Replacement Car Gap Insurance and what can it do for you?

Vehicle replacement insurance is very similar to return to invoice gap insurance but with one very distinct advantage - it is inflation proof. Increasing in labour rates, raw materials, model upgrades and even vat changes means that year on year costs tend to increase. Consequently, if you have taken a form of return to invoice gap insurance, made a claim and got your purchase price back this may not be any guarantee to be able to buy another car on a like for like basis on yours was on the day you collected it from the dealership. Vehicle replacement car gap insurance can help as it would pay the difference between your insurance companies settlement for your car on the day it is written off and the amount you would need to spend to buy another vehicle the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day the you drove it home from the dealership or the amount outstanding on finance which ever was the higher. If that model is no longer available then settlement would be based on the superseding model. This means that you can clear any finance if any and then the rest, the balance, the equity and now the inflationary increase in cost is yours to do with as you see fit.
What is Finance Gap insurance and how can it protect your car?

Finance gap insurance is the oldest and some say still the best form of car gap insurance as it pays the difference between your insurance companies settlement on the day your car is written off and the amount you have outstanding on finance.

This means that instead of leaving yourself potentially paying for a car you no longer have your are now free to buy and car. Your policy will however not cover the cost of any late payment charges or arrears. However all of our policy features will apply so that means that we will still pay £250.00 towards the cost of your own motor insurance excess.

Please remember that this will mean that you are walking away with none of the deposit you originally paid or any equity you may have accrued while making your payments and that you may also want to consider forms of return to invoice gap and vehicle replacement gap insurance.
Which is the best level of car gap insurance?

We are all very different and this means that the best level of gap insurance for me may not be for you.

Are looking for the Best Car Gap Insurance Cover? You will be pleased to know that our car gap insurance policies are not only 5 star rated but also backed by the financial service compensation scheme. Deferrable, Transferable, Cancelable and underwritten by a genuine UK heavyweight.

Perhaps you are looking for the Best Car Gap Insurance prices? Don't worry we totally understand and real value for money is important. That is why we constantly monitor the gap insurance market to make sure that we only ever offer our best price first time every time. No gimmicks, no codes, no vouchers just real value for money.  We are human and in the very unlikely event that you do find a cheaper quotation we guarantee to beat it. No fuss no drama. 

At Easy Gap we do not offer any vouchers, discounts codes or any form of gimmicks. Instead we monitor the car gap insurance market daily to ensure that you are only ever quoted the best price first time each and every time. In the very unlikely event that you do find a cheaper quotation we even guarantee to beat it. 

When you are comparing levels of car gap insurance please remember that each supplier will have negotiated their own terms and conditions. We work really hard to make sure that our policies offer what we genuinely believe to be the most transparent and comprehensive feature rich, value for money in the UK today.