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What can Van Gap insurance do for you?

Van Gap insurance is a supplementry insurance that runs along side your own fully comprehensive insurance and protects you when your van is written off. The average van can lose up to 50% of its orginal value within the first 3 years alone and a lot more depending upon your mileage of how you are going to use it. For example, a three year old builders van with 150,000 miles on the clock would naturally be worth a lot less than a van that only has 30,000 on the clock.

Dont forget that your own insurance company are only liable to pay you what your van is worth on the day it was written off. This can and often is thousands and thousands of pounds less than the price you orginally paid and without any form of van gap insurance this is the only amount that you would have to replace your van or clear any outstanding finance. Van Gap insurance can help in fact depending upon which level of cover you choose you can protect your self against your vans valuation or simply the amount outstanding on finance, the orginal invoice price you praid or even the replacement cost. 
What can Return to invoice gap insurance do to help protect your van?

If your van is written off combined return to invoice pays the difference between your insurance companies settlement on the day of loss and the original invoice price you paid or the amount of money outstanding on finance which ever is the higher. For illustration purposes you have just bought a nearly new Ford Transit for £13500 + vat. Two and a half years later your van is written off and your insurance company decide to write the van off and offer you the valuation of your van, which after two and a half years and 58,000 miles is now just £6550 + vat. 

In this example you would still receive payment from your own insurance company for the £6550. However, now you would receive a second payment from your van gap insurance policy for £6950. You would also be paid a £250 contribution towards your own motor insurance excess. In essence you would now have the full purchase price back which you could use to buy another van or if you paid using finance, you could clear the outstanding settlement and the rest, the equity you have is yours to do with as you see fit.
What can Vehicle replacement do for your van? 

Vehicle replacement insurance is very similar to return to invoice in that you are protecting a physical amount. With return to invoice gap insurance this is the physical amount of money you paid for you van and is shown on your invoice. (don't forget if you have already claimed the VAT element back this will be deducted from any settlement.) The problem is that over time prices tend to increase. Transportation, labour, manufacturing costs all mean that getting your money back is no guarantee of being able to get the same type of van again. This is where vehicle replacement wins hands down in that it not only pays the difference between your vans valuation on the day it is written off and the invoice price but instead pays to the replacement cost.

The replacement cost is based on alike for like van the same age mileage and condition as yours was on the day you collected from it dealership. If that model is no longer available settlement would be based on the superseding model.

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