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Why choose Vehicle Replacement Insurance for your Audi?

Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance is the latest development within the Gap Insurance industry and is described by many as being the highest level of cover. This form of Gap protection will not only protect the depreciation on the value of your Audi model but also the increase in the purchase price.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance will cover the difference between the valuation of your vehicle on the day it was written off and the cost to replace your Audi model with the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day you originally drove it away from the dealership. Please note: If your model is no longer available, settlement will be based on the superceding model.

It is more than likely that if you have purchased a vehicle from your local dealership recently, then you will have been offered a form of Gap Insurance. Due to the high popularity of Return to Invoice Gap Insurance within dealerships, this is most likely to have been offered to yourself.

During the purchase process of your Audi model, they may have explained that your model may lose up to 50% within the first three years. However, it is highly likely they did not. Did you know your Audi model, like any other, is susceptible to lose as much as half of the vehicles value within the first three years and your motor insurer is only liable to pay you what the vehicle is worth on the day it is written off, therefore leaving you in a very vulnerable position in terms of your finances. Return to Invoice will cover the difference between the value of Audi model on the day it was written off or stolen (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the original invoice price that you paid for your Audi. This will give you the opportunity to clear any outstanding finance if any, and the full balance, deposit and equity is yours to do with as you see fit.
What is Finance Gap Insurance and what can it do to protect your Audi?

Finance Gap insurance is the oldest and easiest form of gap insurance in that it simply pays the difference between your Audi's valuation on the day it is written off and clear your outstanding financial liability.

Yes our policies still cover £250 towards your own motor insurance excess and all the other many policy features still apply but please remember that if you decide to protect yourself with finance gap insurance while you will be walking away from your old Audi with no further liability you will also be walking way from any deposit you have paid or equity you have accrued.

Please also remember that your finance agreement will have to be linked to your Audi and that if you have paid for your Audi using a form of bank or personal loan (not directly linked top your car) then finance gap insurance would not be able to perform instead you may wish to consider a form of return to invoice or vehicle replacement.
Contract Hire Gap Insurance for your Audi

It is becoming more of a common occurence that finance companies and contract hire companies will be offering Gap Insurance themselves, therefore explaining the possible implacations of what happens if your Audi model is written off during your contract hire agreement. However, at Easy Gap a large number of customers have made members of our team aware of what they have been led to believe in order to purchase the Gap Insurance. Lets take a step back and think bout your contract hire agreement for a moment. Don't forget that the rentals you are paying for your Audi are in fact just a small proportion of your contract hire companies revenue from the agreement. They will have factored into their overall costs an amount that they will anticipate being able to dispose of your Audi for at the end of the agreement. If your Audi is not longer there i.e. it has been written off then naturally your own motor insurance company will pay your contract hire company what ever the value of your Audi is on the day. However, the market value of your Audi is only part of your contract hire companies concern and therefore may leave you with a considerable amount outstanding.
Audi has a historic past, but the brand has not always been as popular as it is today.

In fact its rise to super stardom as we know toady only really started in 1931 when the Auto Union was nationalised and re-entered the private sector back in 1949. August Horch, Audis founder was a hands on entrepreneur and so entered the Audi Type B for the 1911 Austrian Alpine Trials and drove the car to success himself.

The success continued into 1914 and 1915 but the type of cars Audi made at the time where limited specialist vehicles. The company slowly began growing its range and in it was only in 1965 when the Name itself "Audi " came back and gained a majority share holding in Auto union and launched the "all new" front wheel drive car. The German brand has become one of the best selling brands in the year of 2014 and expect to overtake rivals Mercedes and BMW in the luxury car market. Audi still look at the future hybrid market as a way of ever increasing their share of the market. 

Why are online gap insurance quotes so different in cost?
This is absolutely nothing to do with rates of service, cover, support, back up or claims handling instead there are two very easily explained reasons why online gap insurance prices are considerably less. Again we stress that while we hold value for money as a key factor we would never compromise on levels of cover or dilute a protection level and would not expect you to either.

When you buy gap insurance directly from the dealership or finance house that you are buying your Audi from they are legally bound to charge you insurance premium tax at 20% (this is almost like VAT on insurance). When you buy independently, this is traditionally a lot lower.

The buying power of online gap insurance suppliers such as ourselves means that we can provide a years quote of gap insurance for a standard Audi main dealership in a matter of days. Gap insurance is just like any other business, volumes matter and this means that we use our buying power to ensure that the policy prices you are quoted are what we believe to be the lowest in the UK today.