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Do you want to Buy Gap Insurance for your Alfa Romeo?

The chances are you have recently purchased an Alfa from your local dealership and may have been offered a form of Gap Insurance. But, it has become common practice that the majority of people will be online and searching Gap Insurance to find out more and to find out whether they can purchase the product at a cheaper price.

If you wish to find out more on which form of Gap Insurance is best for your car, why not call one of our friendly customer service team on 0800 195 4926. If you are happy with your understanding and simply want to click through and receive a quote for your Alfa Romeo.
What can vehicle Replacement do to help protect your Alfa Romeo?

Vehicle replacement insurance can be a good way to protect your Alfa Romeo nomatter how you have choosen to pay for it, in that you are now not just protecting the invoice price you paid or simply the amount of money that you still have outstanding on a finance agreement or contract hire lease instead you are protecting a standard of vehicle. Vehicle replacement insurance pays the difference between your Alfa Romeo valuation on the day it is written off and the amount of money you would need to spend to buy another Alfa the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day that you drove it out of the dealership, even if that price has gone up. If that model is not avialible then settlement is based on the superceeding model.

Why is Return to invoice for your Alfa Romeo the most commonly offered form of gap insurance?

This is because it is the most common form of gap insurance accessible to Alfa Romeo dealerships. Even if they have called it something completely different. The easiest way to know if the form of gap insurance that you have been offered i return to invoice is to look at what happens when your Alfa is written off. 

If your policy pays the difference between your Alfa's valuation on the day it is written off and the original invoice price you paid then it is a return to invoice style of cover. 

Variations can be a combined level such as the type that we offer. The major difference is that this style of policy would pay the difference between your Alfa's valuation on the day it was written off and either the amount of money outstanding on finance or the invoice price which ever is the higher. If this is the type of policy you want you need to make sure that your policy does not limit the price you have paid to any form of a guide price.
Which ever type of Alfa Romeo you are buying chances are that like most of us today you will of had to use a form of finance to pay for them.

In fact if you are a business customer your accountant may have actively encouraged you to not buy the Alfa Romeo's  in a standard way and instead to fund them via contract hire.

So, what happens if your Alfa Romeo is written off during your finance or contract hire agreement?

Just because your Alfa Romeo is no longer here that does not mean that your agreement ends. This means that if you have bought your Alfa Romeo using either of these funds options you need to consider protecting yourself with finance and contract hire gap insurance.

Alfa Romeo is an Iconic Italian manufacture. Even since Alfa Romeo started trading back in 1909 it has some how managed to stay both main stream and yet still keep true to their styles and mystique. The trick so Alfa Romeo say is to instill all of their models with truly beautiful sports styling. 

Even though you may think of Alfa Romeo as being Italian its origins lies in France. Alexandre Darracq built a factory just outside Milan to build parts made from French car parts. The venture did not work and it was taken over in 1909 Anonima Lombardo Fabbrica Automobile. Hence the name Alfa. The Romeo side of the business did not come until 1915 when the race car enthusiast Nicola Romeo joined the team and Alfa Romeo as we know it today was born.

Under Roemo's instruction Alfa concentrated their energies on sports cars and success started to follow. From the 1920's six cylinder limousine to the Alfa Romeo 1928 6c Sports Zgato or the 1932 Alfa Spider.
Alfa Romeo have recently confirmed that they will be bringing a new SUV model to the market in 2016.

In other news the Alfa Romeo brand have confirmed that a new Giulietta Sportniva model has hit dealerships across the UK. In 2018 Alfa Romeo plan to add at least eight new models to the market to increase the number of models on offer.

Fiat who own the majority of the Alfa Romeo brand plan on using the brand to increase the number of models on sale within dealerships across the US. Back in 2012, Fiat recorded one of the worst years for sales as the Italian car market simply dwindeld.

In an age when we are constantly told that you only get what you pay for, you may be surprised to know that you will be able to find the same if not considerably better levels of protection for a fraction of the cost in comparison to your Alfa Romeo dealership. We are proud of our credentials and reputation and would never compromise on levels of tried and tested policies and would never expect you to either. Instead, the price differences can be very easily explained.

You will I am sure, be please do know that the gap insurance differences in price have nothing to do with levels of cover, support, back up or claims handling but have to do with differences in rates of Insurance Premium Tax (the Tax on insurance) and by using our buying power we ensure that we keep our policy prices as low as possible, sometimes as much as 85% less than your Alfa Romeo Dealership.

Price is important but so is policy terms and conditions, so we work really hard to make sure that our gap insurance is packed full of extras. Yes, we pay towards your own motor insurance excess, we also cover all factory fitted options, paint protection and more importantly the price you have paid is not limited to any guide price. Instead, the price you paid is the price that you have protected.