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What is Vehicle Replacement and what can it do for your BMW?

Vehicle replacement insurance is very similar to forms of return to invoice gap insurance offered by your local BMW dealership but there is one very important and critical difference. This is because when you are considering vehicle replacement for your BMW you are not simply protecting the physical amount of money that you paid on the invoice price instead your are protecting the inflationary increased cost of your BMW. It means that when your BMW is written off, your policy would pay the difference between your BMW's Valuation on the day and the amount you would need to spend to buy another BMW the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day that you drove it home from the dealership.

If your BMW is a pre-reg or demonstrator and your have bought it with 90 days of registration and the first registered owner was the BMW garage then any settlement would be based on the cost of a new car.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for BMW.

Return to Invoice is probably the form of Gap Insurance offered to you at your dealership during the purchase process of your vehicle, although it may have been labelled something different.

Put simply, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will cover the difference between your insurance companies settlement (i.e the value of your BMW on the day it was written off or stolen) and the original invoice price that you paid for the model. This form of Gap Insurance will ensure that you receive back the full purchase price of your BMW. You will then have the ability to clear any outstanding finance and the full balance, deposit and equity is yours to do with as you see fit.
What can Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance do to protect you and your BMW?

Finance gap insurance just like any other form of insurance can never stop a specific event from happening however it can protect you financially when it does. This means that with a form of finance gap insurance your policy would pay the difference between your BMW's valuation on the day it is written off and simply clear the outstanding liability.

Cars are deprecating assets and BMWs are not normally known for excessive rates of depreciation, however, it may surprise you to know that industry experts anticipate the average car with average mileage can lose up to 50% of its original value within the first three years alone.

If your five series was written off during this time this may be the only amount that you would have to clear any finance, without having to dig deep into what ever savings you have.
Why buy Gap Insurance for your BMW Online?

There are three main reasons that buying online from a specialist broker will always be less expensive than buying gap insurance from your local BMW dealership.

When you buy Gap insurance directly from the BMW dealership or finance house that is supplying your car they are legally bound to charge you insurance premium tax (IPT) at 20%. When you buy independently this is charged at the standard rate which is traditionally lower than VAT. Online gap insurance suppliers can supply the average BMW dealership yearly quota of gap insurance policies in a matter of days. This naturally means that we can use our buying power to negotiate better prices. 

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Bavarian Motor Ways, known to everybody as BMW, is arguably one of the most known automobile brands on the road today. Founded in Germany in 1917, BMW to the surprise of many, first entered the scene manufacturing aircraft engines, which they were consequently forced to halt after Germany's defeat in World War One. This led the German manufacturer to enter into the motorcycle market in 1923 which still runs successful today. It wasn't until 1934, 11 years after the German marques creation that they entered the auto mobile market with its DIXI range of Austin Seven's.

The German manufacturer pride themselves on 'building sports car that put the driver first'. The success of the Isetta Bubblecar in the 50's was expanded by the 1500 Saloon in the 60's which actually saved the company from near liquidation. The 1500 series which were equipped with bigger, modern engines and paved the way for BMW's sporting auto mobile image. Its alpina range in the late seventies were expanded by the M-series brands which is known to most people today.

In the first few months of 2014 BMW have seen sales slightly dip and had to sit back whilst Audi overtook them in the luxury car market. However, to combat the success of rivals at Audi, BMW are set to release a host of new models including the X4. As well as the new X4 model, BMW plan on releasing the brand new 4 Series Gran Coupe.

As you may or may not have heard, BMW are set to release new M3 and M4 models later this year, however, what you may not have known is that the German mass market manufacturer plan on releasing a new M3 Saloon model. BMW have also confirmed that they plan to celebrate the 5oth anniversary of the M5 model with a brand new model for the market.

The SUV market has been one of the best selling markets in the European car market and the BMW X5 model has been labelled as being amongst the best in the market. The new 6 Series model expands the current range of models and allows for a size increase on the 2 Series, 3 Series and 4 Series models.
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