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We have now been featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance 5 years running and have also recently been featured within the the Money Saving Expert Review into Gap Insurance. You no longer have to pay high prices for Gap Insurance at your local dealership. Protect yourself and your Citroen from the effects of depreciation with a Gap Insurance policy from Easy Gap today.

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Vehicle Replacement Insurance for your Citroen at Easy Gap

How does Vehicle Replacement Insurance work?

Vehicle Replacement, or VRI Gap Insurance as it is sometimes known, is a way of protecting the standard of vehicle you have purchased and not necessarily the price of the vehicle. Rather than protecting the invoice price you paid for the model, this form of Gap Insurance will protect up to the same standard of vehicle, i.e the cost of a model the same age, mileage, specification and condition as yours was on the day of purchase.

This form of Gap Insurance is designed to protect you from both depreciation and appreciation to the cost of replacing the model.
Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for your Citroen

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance is the most popular form of Gap Insurance within dealerships in the UK. Therefore, it is more than likely that you will have been offered a form of Return to Invoice Gap Insurance during the purchase process of your Citroen model.

This form of Gap Insurance does exactly what its title suggests. It will protect the financial difference between the market value of your vehicle (i.e your motor insurance settlement) on the day it was written off or stolen and the original invoice price that you paid for the model. This would result in you having the ability to clear any outstanding finance, if any, and the full balance, equity and deposit will be returned to you to do with as you see fit.

Why do you need Finance Gap Insurance to protect you and your Citroen?

If you have purchased your Citroen model through the form of a financial agreement, did you know that without any form of gap insurance you may be left in the terrible position of having no vehicle and worse still having to use what ever savings or cash flow you have to settle a finance company!

After all your Citroen is insured and that is what insurance is for isn't it?

Your own motor insurance company is only labile to pay you what ever your Citroen is worth on the day it is written off and the difference between this amount and your outstanding rentals in the case of finance and contract hire gap insurance and your settlement figure in the case of more standard forms of finance can and often is thousands and thousands of pounds.
The history and heritage of Citroen can be traced back a century, when the founding father Andre Citroen first began production of motor cars. The company became the first mass production company of motor vehicles outside the US, and quickly became the fourth largest of its type in the world. Andre Citroen also recognised the benefit of a service netwrok for the vehicles, and the brand became the forerunner for the 'main dealer' netwrok  model we see today.

The rise of Citroen

Citroen have always been seen as innovators, combining cutting edge technology, individual style and practicality.

However the long history of the brand has not always been successful. A disasterous marketing strategy in the 1960's and 70's saw the brand bankrupt and nearly disappear altogether. The intervention of the French government saw hastily arranged talks with Peugoet, and eventually PSA Peugeot Citroen were formed.

Citroen along with partners Peugeot have been undergoing major changes internally as the French mass market manufacturer looks to return back to profitable ways. In other news, the award winning DS5 model is set to be used by the Citroen brand to be the way into the electric/hybrid car market.

The Citroen brand have been famed in the last number of years for the amount of successful concept models, the next model hoping to join the long list is the C-XR concept. The DS range at Citroen is set to be the future centre of the majority of ranges. The DS3 has recently had a number of different variants added to the range including the new Cabrio Racing. Best selling model, the C1 receives a new Cabriolet look

The French manufacturer are set to release the brand new C4 Cactus model as well as a brand new crossover model. Citroen have recently had a change in fortunes as sales continue to climb following the appointment of the new British executive, Linda Jackson
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