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Skoda have been amongst the best selling brands in the UK for a number of years and Gap Insurance sales have also followed. At Easy Gap we promise to beat any like for like quotation and promise to save you money. We do not operate any Gap Insurance vouchers or discount codes like so many other providers do, instead we simply offer you the best price first time and every time. 

It is highly likely that your Skoda dealership will have offered you a form of Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for somewhere in the region of £295 for just three years of cover. However, they may have even charged you more for a length and type of cover you could purchase at Easy Gap for less than £100.

What is Vehicle replacement insurance and what can it do to help protect youand your Skoda?

No insurance can ever stop your Skoda from being involved in an accident and no insurance can ever stop your Skoda from being stolen. Instead Gap Insurance at Easy Gap can help protect you financially should the worst happen and your Skoda join the estimated 600,000 other vehicles written off in the UK each year alone.

Vehicle replacement insurance or VRI for short, is especially good for Skoda models as it protects not just a physical amount that you have paid but instead a standard of vehicle. For example, if you have just purchased a new Skoda Octavia Estate on the special VAT free deal, you will have paid a considerable amount less than the list price. This means that even if you had wisely chosen to protect your Skoda with a form of return to invoice gap insurance and your Octavia was written off in two years time, getting the invoice price back would still leave a massive shortfall. Vehicle replacement pays the difference between your Skoda's valuation on the day it was written off and the amount that you would need to pay to buy another Skoda the same, age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day that you first drove it home.
What is return to invoice Gap insurance and why should you protect your Skoda with it?

Return to invoice gap insurance is a very simple form of protection to understand. Essentially if your Skoda is written off it pays the difference between your Skoda's valuation and the original invoice price you paid or the amount of money outstanding on finance (linked to the vehicle ) which ever is the higher amount.

Easy! You now have the full purchase price you paid back (less your road fund as you can claim this back from the DVLA), clear any finance if necessary and the balance, the deposit you paid, any equity you have is yours to do with as you see fit. Simple!

Your own motor insurance company is responsible for insuring you to drive on the road, to cover you for minor accidents and is in fact a legal requirement. They also ensure that if you are involved in an accident that does not result in your Skoda being written off that any repairs are paid for. Gap insurance is a very specific insurance as it only ever comes into action if your Skoda is written off.
What can Finance and contract hire gap insurance do for you and your Skoda?

Finance gap insurance is the most basic level of gap insurance you can buy so if you have not bought your Skoda on a form of contract hire of have financed your Skoda on a personal loan or been fortunate enough to have a large deposit please consider other forms of gap insurance protection. Why is this?

This is because finance and contract hire gap insurance is simply designed to pay the difference between your Skoda's valuation on the day it is written off and simply clear your outstanding financial liability or in the case on contract hire rentals. After all with no form of protection if your Skoda is written off you face the terrible protect of having no car, and having to use what ever savings you have to clear your finance.

Skoda Auto is a Czech Republican auto mobile manufacturer and a subsidiary of the pioneer German auto maker, Volkswagen Group.

Skoda holds an interesting history which dates back to the 1890’s.  In 1894, Vaclav Klement, a book seller in what was then known as Czechoslovakia began the search to repair his bicycle. Without any success in his country, he decided to send the bicycle to the German based manufacturer, along with a letter kindly asking if they could repair his bicycle. Vaclav  surprisingly received a rejecting reply stating “‘If you would like an answer to your inquiry, you should try writing in a language we can understand”.

Vaclav, obviously furious and frustrated, decided to open his own bicycle repair shop, called ‘Laurin-Klement’, along with his partner Vaclav Laurin. This paved the way for the creation of what is now known Skoda Auto. The company expanded to motorcycles in 1899 and built their first car in 1905.

Skoda continue to increase both sales figures and market share year on year. The Volkswagen Group who own the Skoda brand have recently announced plans to add a new SUV model to the Skoda range. As well as the addition of the 4x4 to the Skoda range, the Czech based firm plan on extending the model variants under the Octavia name.

Last year Skoda introduced a new Monte Carlo special edition trim on models such as the Fabia and Octavia. Due to the success of the new special edition trims, Skoda confirmed that the Monte Carlo trim will be offered on the Citigo models.

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