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Nissan have been amongst the most successful manufacturers over the last number of years, as models such as the Qashqai, Juke, Leaf and Note models continue to lead their individual markets. As these models are amongst the most in demand models in the UK, it is more than likely that you will believe that your Nissan model will not depreciate as much as the average vehicle, however, this is not the case.

In fact, industry experts have recently indicated that Nissan models, like any other, will be susceptible to losing as much as 50% of the original value within the first three years of ownership. If in three years time, you woke up and your Nissan model had been stolen, your motor insurer is only liable to pay you the market value of your vehicle on that day. This is where Easy Gap can help protect you.
What can vehicle replacement gap insurance do for your Nissan?

Vehicle replacement insurance is one of the newest forms of protection in the world of gap insurance and its roots are imbedded in the fact that even if you have protected yourself with other forms of gap insurance that protect the invoice price you have paid for your Nissan that should you ever need to make a claim you may still be left with a financial shortfall.

This is primarily because over a period of time prices increase. We all know that vat changes, exchange rates, even global economic climates as well as other factors such as labor costs, raw materials, new technology and transportation costs means that over time prices rise. Even if your Nissan does not join the estimated 600,000 other vehicles written off in the UK each year if you chose to replace it with a like for like model in one, two, three, four or even five years time you would almost expect to pay more.

What is Return to invoice Gap Insurance and how can it protect the money you have spent when you bought your Nissan?

To understand how return to invoice gap insurance works, you must first understand why you need to protect yourself with a form of Gap Insurance.Your Nissan will lose value over time. No matter what model you have bought the long that you own your Nissan, the older it becomes and the more miles you do the less it will be worth. That if your Nissan is written off that your own motor insurance company are only ever liable to pay you exactly what your Nissan was worth on the day it was written off.

When you combine these two factors together it means that if your insurance is written off you could be left thousands and thousands of pounds out of pocket. Motor industry experts estimate that the average vehicle with average usage can loose between 50% and 60% of its original value within the first three years alone.

Why should you Buy Finance and contract hire gap insurance for your Nissan?

Finance and contract hire gap insurance is a very simple level of protection to understand. If your Nissan is written off it pays the difference between your Nissans valuation and the amount of money left outstanding either on a loan secured against the vehicle or in the case of contract hire your outstanding financial liability.

Unfortunately, it is a common misunderstanding that if your Nissan is written off that your finance or contract hire agreement simply stops.

Instead if your Nissan is written off your finance or contract hire company while being understanding will still have an amount that you must pay before your finance agreement is completed. Without any level of protection you are liable for any shortfall between your own insurance companies valuation and this amount.

Nissan (Nissan Motor Company) is a Japanese Auto-maker, which is head quartered in Japan. Nissan was originally a member of The Nissan Group, however has become more independent since it's restructuring by Carlos Ghosn (CEO). The company was founded on Boxing day 1933 by Masujiro Hashimoto, Meitaro Takeuchi,Yoshisuke Aikawa., Rokuro Aoyama, and Kenjiro Den

Masujiro Hashimoto founded The Kwaishinsa Motor Car works originally in 1911 and in 1914 the company produced their first car, DAT, an acronym of the investor's surnames, Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi. This car was simple and powered by an 122-cu in 2 litre four-cylinder engine, followed in 1916 by the larger 140.4-cu in 2.3 litre version. The company was renamed to Kwaishinsa Motorcar Co Ltd in 1918 and in 1925 to DAT Motorcar CO.

In the last 12-24 months, the Nissan brand has had some of the most successful models in the UK market. The Japanese mass market manufacturer dominated sales in the electric car market with the Leaf model and plan to further the range of electric models on offer. The Nissan Qashqai along with the Juke have been the best selling models in the crossover market, however, the firm have announced that they are currently developing an electrically powered Qashqai model.

The Nissan manufacturer have announced a number of changes to models in 2014, with the Qashqai, Juke and Leaf models all receiving updates. Such was the success of the Nissan crossover models, the firm have decided to build up the range of SUV models on offer in the UK by offering a new X-Trail model.

The firm have also been developing the GT-R model for over 12 months as the Nissan performance team Nismo look to improve the speed and performance figures. However, Nissan plan to release the GT-R model in 2014.

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