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Have you been offered Porsche Gap Insurance from your main agent? Buy Prosce Gap insurance

By looking to a Gap Insurance policy for your Porsche from EasyGap, you could find a better range of cover and significant savings from your main dealer's offering.

Being part of Aequitas Automotive Limited we are proud to be able to offer you the UK's largest portfolio of gap insurance for your Porsche under one roof.

We can offer Finance Gap, Contract Hire and Lease Gap, Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement cover, for all UK supplied Porsche models.

We can offer cover for vehicles of up to £75,000 in value!

As we are completely independent, we have access to policies underwritten by 'A' rated insurers with up to £25,000 claim limits. (subject to style of Gap Insurance chosen).

At Easy Gap we do not believe that you should have to pay extra for reliable policy features in fact we charge the same premiums for our gap insurance whether you are buying a policy to cover your motor home, Ferrari, Aston Martin or Porsche.

Fact - Over 600,000 vehicles are written off in the UK each year.

Fact - A report recently published in The Telegraph highlighted that 83% of vehicles stolen are now taken with the use of the vehicle's keys.

With EasyGap low cost does not mean a dilution of cover and service instead it simply means better value for money!

We also take every precaution to ensure that what ever type of gap insurance policy you buy for your Porsche online, you are fully protected via our security systems.

If you are reading this you have most certainly just bought or are about to buy an Porsche.

Your local Porsche dealership has more than likely explained their version of gap insurance to you and depending upon the dealership and their internal business structure you may have been quoted anywhere from £600 upwards. The most we have heard of was an outstanding £1,750.00 for three years cover.

It really does not have to be like this!

Our fully automated system will ask a few questions, for example;

  • How old is your Porsche?
  • How long have you owned your Porsche?
  • How many miles has your Porsche got on the clock?
  • How did you pay for your Porsche?
  • What are you going to use your Porsche for? 

The system will then highlight various levels of gap insurance for your Porsche for you to consider.

Porsche is without doubt an iconic brand in the motoring world and beyond. Buy Porsche Gap Insurance

Of course with such an aspirational name comes a price tag, and being a high value vehicle a strong consideration for cover would be a Vehicle Replacement Insurance policy.

A vehicle replacement policy is the most modern and innovative form of gap insurance, but this may be the first time that you have heard of vehicle replacement insurance.

Why? well this is mainly due to the majority of Porsche dealerships only offering you other forms of gap insurance such as Return to Invoice.

What is Vehicle Replacement Insurance and what can it do to protect the money you spent when you bought your Porsche?

Lets look at a real life example, you might have purchased Porsche Boxster for a special price of £33,000 and then have your car stolen or written off , the exact circumstances do not matter except to say that your own insurance company are happy to settle the claim, and wanted to replace your brand new Porsche just a few months later.

To replace the vehicle with an equivalent new Porsche however may not be as straightforward as you first think.

Indeed the original discount you gained may not be available, or the manufacturer has increased the standard cost. Inflation, raw material costs, model upgrades, labor rates, vat changes can affect the cost and mean that over time the price you will have to pay for your Porsche will increase.

This may mean the replacement model could be thousands of pounds more if you want the equivalent new replacement. If this cost had risen to £37,000 then even a Return to Invoice policy from your dealer may have left you £4,000 short of the replacement cost. This is not an unrealistic increase and even with just an nominal inflationary increase.

How Vehicle Replacement for your Porsche can help?

A vehicle replacement insurance policy would bridge the gap between your Porsche's valuation on the date it was written off and the cost of replacing your Porsche with the equivalent model to the one that you 1st drove away from the showroom in. That is another Porsche Boxster in the U.K.. with the same mileage, age and specification as yours was on the date you purchased your Porsche from the dealership.

If that particular model is unavailable then the settlement figure would be based on the superseding model.

In comparison to Return to Invoice, Vehicle Replacement Insurance will not only protect from the depreciation but the inflationary increased cost as well. Please note that the cost of your road fund is deducted as you will be able to claim back from the DVLA.

What would set a VRI Gap Policy from Easy Gap apart from many other gap providers?

Best Porsche Gap ProtectionEasy Gap protection puts you in charge of replacing the vehicle - unlike many other insurers our policy will provide the replacement funds for the vehicle to you and not a motor dealer. This puts you in control of replacing the vehicle as you wish.

Boxster shortfall insuranceEasy Gap VRI can be deferred for up to 12 months. If you have replacement cover on your vehicle insurance then by defer the start date of your Easy Gap VRI Gap to gain maximum value for money

Ageas Gap InsuranceEasy Gap policies are underwritten by an 'A' rated insurer.

Gap Insurance policy terms and conditionsEasy Gap features are in black and white in the policy terms. For example we offer a free transfer facility to another qualifying vehicle. It is a written term that this is the case. Other Gap brands offer 'free transfer' yet the policy terms do not mention this at all.

Cancel your Porsche Gap InsuranceEasy Gap protection can be canceled at any time. Within the first 30 days you may do so with a full refund, after 30 days the refund is pro rata less an administration charge.

Vehicle Replacement InsuranceEasy Gap VRI is available for up to 5 years, which is the longest period in the industry to dateCheap Prosche Gap Insurance. With consumers taking advantage of longer warranties and more reliable vehicles it makes sense that progressive Gap Insurance moves with modern requirements.

So as you can see we firmly believe that if you are looking for Vehicle Replacement Insurance for your Porsche then perhaps not all policies are made equally. We encourage you to check our Easy Gap terms with others you have been offered, as well as the pedigree of the underwriter.

Please bear in mind also, Easy Gap is part of Aequitas Automotive Ltd who are a leading Gap Insurance broker in the UK. If you cannot find the exact policy terms you require simply give us a ring, as a specialist we have access to possibly the largest range of Gap cover in the UK.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance for your Porsche the Easy way!

Buy Porsche Gap insuranceReturn to invoice Gap Insurance for Porsche

While no-one in this world can predict how much the value of your Porsche will decrease over time, the current and past rates of Depreciation of your Porsche may surprise you. Figures taken from What Car 2012.

If you have just bought a standard Porsche Boxster Open 3.4 S you will have paid in the region of £45,834 however by the end of the first year it is predicted that it will only be worth £35,649, by the end of the second year £29,598, the third year £24,598 and the fourth year £21,326.

It is likely that you know someone who has had their car stolen, or written off.

The sympathetic looks you give them when they’re explaining what happened, the pitiful feeling inside when you imagine what they're going through, deep down truly relived that it wasn't your precious Porsche that was taken or obliterated. What if the tables were turned, what if it was you staring into the sympathetic faces of others, whilst you explained what had happened to your beautiful Porsche. 

With EasyGap you can rest assured that although you may still be having a traumatic experience, that your financial worries will be taken care of. Whether you have been in an unfortunate accident, or been the subject of theft, you can rest assured that at least the financial aspects will be taken care of.

You may be thinking, why would I need this other type of insurance, I have motor insurance for my Porsche and that is all I need isn't it?

This is in fact not necessarily the case, it is more than likely that your motor insurance alone will only pay out to the market value of your Porsche on the day it is written off. Of course, as we have pointed out, it is perfectly normal for vehicles including Porsche to lose value over the years you own them, the average percentage loss being 50% on most vehicles within the first 3 years.

With Return to Invoice Gap Insurance we can protect you against this potential loss which could be tens of thousands of pounds.

Between your return to invoice gap insurance policy and your motor insurance company,  you can literally have the original paid amount back in ( less road fund which you can claim back from DVLA ). This is because return to invoice gap insurance is designed to pay the difference between your own motor insurance companies settlement and the original invoice price you paid or the amount outstanding on finance which ever is the higher. Our policies cover all factory fitted options, paint paint, non transferable warranties and even pay towards your own motor insurance excess as well as much more. Why not read the full policy terms and conditions for a full list of benefits.

Did you know that if you have bought your Porsche on finance then your finance company still have a legal right to ask to demand the remaining outstanding balance you owe on your vehicle, be paid. Imagine being in this position, you have no Porsche, your insurance have only paid what your Porsche was worth the day it was annihilated / stolen and here you are having to find the remaining finance balance.

With 600,000 cars written off in the UK each year, it really is not worth the risk?

Although you may think you are the most careful driver in the world, maybe others aren't, you never know what is around the bend. With theft also on the rise, you may think your neighborhood is exemplary and no-one would dream of touching your Porsche, how do you know? How can you be sure after all your Porsche is a truly apparitional vehicle and highly desirable not only to you but unfortunately to certain undesirable elements of society. It is in fact a sad testament to our society that as our vehicles become more difficult to steal with more and more advanced security and tracker systems the criminal elements still find ways to target certain models. 

For example did you know that 83 % of all cars stolen are now stolen with the use of the keys?

We would urge anyone to seriously consider Return to invoice Gap Insurance for your Porsche, as seriously as you consider your own motor insurance to ensure that you are always 100% protected in situations such as these.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance for PorscheBuy Porsche Gap Insurance

How would it make you feel if your Porsche collided with another vehicle, another vehicle slammed into the side of you, or due to car theft, you woke up one morning and your absolutely fabulous Porsche was no longer in it's prided place. We are sure you can imagine how painful this event alone would be.

What you may not be aware of but your own motor insurance company are only legally obliged to offer you settlement based on what your Porsche is worth on the day it was written off.

You may think this is nothing to worry about, your Porsche is an expensive amazing vehicle and the price will not decrease anytime soon, unfortunately you are wrong. Based on current rates of depreciation the average vehicle in fact loses 50% of it's value in the first 3 years of ownership. These figures from what car ( Misremember 2012)  illustrate the point.

For example if you had a Porsche 911 Cabriolet 3.6 Black Edition 2dr you would have paid around £74,890, in a matter of a couple of years the value is estimated to have dropped to £44,537, a massive £30,000, if your Motor insurer only reimburses £44,537 do you really want to use your savings to find the remaining amount.

Please don't forget that if you have purchased your Porsche through Contract hire or finance, your financiers/leasers do not simply forget about your outstanding balance and with no form of protection you are liable for any financial shortfall.

This is where Finance and Contract Hire Gap insurance can help you, if you have purchased Finance or Contract Hire Gap insurance, along with your Motor Insurance, we can ensure that the remaining balance you still have outstanding on a finance or contract hire agreement is settled. Finance/Contract hire Gap insurance will top up the money you receive for the valuation of your car and the money you owe, filling in the Gap if you like.

Please don't think these figures and situations will not apply to you, 600,000 cars are written off each year in the UK - estimates taken from the Office of National Statistics, it may not be your fault, accidents do happen, someone else could bump into your car, whether you are the most careful driver or not.

Please don't put yourself in this position, protect yourself and your Porsche.

Lets be completely honest no-one ever thinks it's going to be them involved in a traffic accident, or the subject of auto-theft, but unfortunately it happens the length and breath of the UK each and every day. With finance and contract hire gap insurance for your Porsche from a as little as £39.00 inclusive of insurance premium tax why not click or call and explore your options.

Buy Porsche gap insurancePorsche is a German auto mobile manufacturer founded in 1931 by Professor Ferdinand Porsche, the man who also laid the foundations for the creation of the Volkswagen company.

The start of the Porsche legend

Adolf Hitler famously commissioned Professor Ferdinand to design a ‘people’s car’, a affordable car which was able to cater for the average German family. ‘People’s car’ translates to Volkswagen in German. This would be the start of the Porsche-Volkswagen relationship which still productively survives today.

Porsche built several heavy tanks for Germany during their infamous war effort and paved the way for the development of the notorious Tiger tank. To the interest of many, Professor Ferdinand was arrested by the Americans for war crimes and later given to the French where he was imprisoned for two years. An Italian auto maker actually paid one million francs to the French authorities in return for Professor Ferdinand whose skills they acquired to help design a winning racing car.

While Professor Ferdinand was imprisoned, his son Ferry took control of the company and led developments for the design of the 356 model in 1948. This would ultimately become Porsche's first official model.

Once freed from imprisonment, Professor Ferdinand began to design and manufacture sports cars. Production began in 1950 and was a great success, 5000 cars had been built by 1951 and a total of 10,000 five years later. Professor Ferdinand unfortunately died in 1952 and allowed his son to take control. Ferry would continue his fathers success with the production of the most famous Porsche model of all time, the 911 model.

Porsche develop for the modern world

After experience financing difficulties throughout the 1970’s, Porsche set out to design an affordable model which was capable of retaining Porsche's style and technology. A curious 924 model would be designed, although under the Porsche brand, it was built by Audi using Volkswagen parts. Still, it gave  sales team finally an opportunity to sell an affordable car. The Porsche 924 model would eventually develop into the Boxster.

Today the range exudes class and any model is a truly aspirational purchase. Porsche's current product portfolio includes the Boxster, Cayman, 911, Panamera and Cayenne.

Best Porsche Gap InsuranceBefore you buy gap insurance or compare levels of cover it is important to Best Price porsche Gap insuraneremember that not all gap insurance is the same.

Yes the internet is a competitive world and price has to be important.

But price alone should not be the driving factor. Instead policy features, terms and conditions as well as support and back up have to play a key role in your decision making process.

With this in mind you will be pleased to know that we work really hard to make sure that our policies are not only some of the least expensive in the market but also have genuine market leading features.

So before you buy gap insurance for your Porsche anywhere else please compare our levels of cover.

Our policies are transferableYou can transfer any remaining amount of cover on to your next vehicle. *Terms and conditions apply.

Defer your Porsche gap insuranceYou can defer the start date of your policy so that it coincides with the end of your own motor insurance companie's new for old style cover.

Cancel your porsche gap insuranceYou can cancel your policy within 30 days and receive a full refund providing that you have not attempted to make a claim.

Porsche gap insuracne cooling off periodYou can cancel after this cooling off period and take advantage of a pro rata refund.

Porsche Factory optionsOur policies cover all factory fitted options.

Porsche DealerOur policies cover up to £1,500 worth of dealer fitted options.

Paint protectionOur policies cover the cost of any paint protection you have had applied to your Porsche providing that it appears on your invoice.

WarrantiesWe cover the cost of any non-transferable warranties again providing they are listed on your invoice.

Named drivers on your motor insurance policyWe cover all named drivers.

Policy administrationWe do not charge for address or reg number changes.

Motor insurance excessWe pay £250 towards your own motor insurance excess.

Free Policy TransferIn the unlikely event that you change your Porsche, you can transfer your gap insurance on to you next vehicle (subject to eligibility criteria) free of charge.

Buy porsche Gap InsuranceIn fact the list goes on however we are sure that by now you understand that comparing gap insurance for your Porsche may not be as straight forward as your first thought. So why not click or call 0800 195 4926 and speak to an expert about how the various levels of protection could help protect you and the investment your have made in your Porsche.