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Ducati Motorbike Gap Insurance at Easy Gap from just £59 for 3 Years Cover. 

Many other gap insurance providers actually provide a separate cover especially for motorbikes, often at premiums far in excess of the equivalent car value. Why would other providers charge more for motorbike gap insurance than other vehicle gap insurance? Well the answer is quite simple, the chances of claiming on a motorcycle gap insurance policy is higher than on policies for other vehicles. Motorbikes involved in accidents are much more likely to sustain the type of damage that would lead them to be 'written off' by an insurer. Also no matter how vigilant or careful you are, motorbikes are much easier to load onto a trailer than a car, for example, so can be an easier target for theft. As the prices of motorbikes rise, it stands to reason that many people who own motorbikes are now wisely looking at Gap Insurance to protect their investments.

Vehicle replacement Insurance may be completely new to you due to the fact that majority of Ducati dealerships only offer you other forms of gap insurance such as Return to Invoice. For Example, you might have recently purchased  a  Ducati of your dreams in the all new Hypermotard Sp to travel the world on for a discounted price of £8,000. It is then later written off and naturally you want to buy another however just several months later, it will be most likely that it will have returned back to the original cost price of £9,751 or increased even further due to the effects of supply and demand etc. With a standard return to invoice gap insurance policy type, you would only receive the original invoice price you paid for your Ducati leaving you short of £1,751 to replace your Ducati.

However, a vehicle replacement insurance policy would ensure that you are paid the difference between your Ducati's market value on the day it was written off and the invoice price of another Hypermotard Sp in the U.K. with the same mileage, age and specification as yours was on the purchase date. If that particular model is unavailable then the settlement figure would be based on the superseding model. Our policy features have been hand picked, for example, unlike the majority of gap insurance providers we will give you the full cash amount rather than source and replace the bike as we believe that giving you the choice of what to do with what is essentially your money will be the best option.

It is more than likely that the dealership you purchased your Ducati from will have offered you gap insurance in terms of the return to invoice style of policy.Soon after you purchased your Ducati it will, like any other bike, car or van manufacturer begin to depreciate. This drop in market value can become a real problem if your Ducati is written off or stolen. But we have an easy solution for this problem and a way in which you can protect the financial investment you made when you bought your Ducati in the form of a return to invoice gap insurance policy. 

A Return to Invoice policy provides the bridge you need to meet the financial gap that is the difference in your original invoice price and the market value of your bike on the day it was written off.  Between both your comprehensive insurance and your gap insurance policy you would receive the full purchase price of the bike back giving you the funds to clear any outstanding finance, the balance, deposit and equity is yours to do with what you please.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance for Ducati

If you have paid for your Ducati using a finance plan directly linked to your bike, then you may be unaware that if your Ducati ends up joining the bewildering figures above, that your finance company while being helpful will still have to be paid. Now, just like cars and vans, the second you leave the showroom in your Ducati, it begins to depreciate, with the average vehicle declining in value by 50% within the first three years of ownership.

You may believe because you are protected with motor insurance, that if the unfortunate did happen and you did find yourself as one of the victims of the constantly rising motorbike theft, or were involved in an accident in which your bike was written off, that you would be fully insured come what may. This is in fact not the case, your motor insurer will actually only pay you with the amount your Ducati is worth on the day it is written off or stolen, which as stated earlier, is likely to considerable less than the original price you paid or even the amount that you still have outstanding on finance.

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