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Do you want to buy gap insurance for your Smart or do you simply want to find out how gap insurance could help protect you?

Either way, at EasyGap we are here to help.

If you already know exactly what type of gap insurance you want for your Smart, why not click for an instant quote and buy online?

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You will only ever talk to someone in our UK based call center who is fully trained and qualified. Our aim as always is to explain your options in plain English with absolutely no jargon so that you can make your own informed choice as to which style of protection is best for you and your Smart.

The chances are if you are reading this you have either just bought or are about to buy a Smart. Your local dealership, as part of their duty of care, should have offered you a form of gap insurance or at the very least have spoken to you about how gap insurance could work for you.

If like a growing number of customers you liked the idea of being able to protect you Smart with gap insurance but just wanted a better deal, you will be pleased to know that we offer the largest portfolio of gap insurance under one roof at a mere faction of main dealership prices.

Just like any gap insurance you buy from your local Smart dealership, all of our gap protection policies are.

Underwritten by an 'A' rated Insurer

Protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK.

In addition every gap insurance policy:

Is underwritten by AM Trust International Ltd.

Has many special features.

You will also be pleased to know that we do not offer any vouchers, discount codes or other gimmicks. Instead we monitor the market to ensure that you are quoted the best price first time, every time for every one. In fact we are so confident in our prices that in the unlikely event that you find a cheaper quotation we guarantee to beat it.

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional levels of customer care and welcome feedback good and bad alike. We also take every precaution possible to ensure your security and peace of mind online.

So why not click or call and see how easy gap insurance from EasyGap can be?

You can buy gap insurance for many models of Smart including the Smart Fortwo Coupe and soft-top, both the Smart Passion and Smart Pulse ranges as well as the Brabus.

So why not click or call an see just how easy protecting your Smart with gap insurance really can be?