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Models such as the the Sedona, Cee'd and the Sportage have helped the Kia brand to become one of the most in demand manufacturers in the UK today. However, like any other manufacturer, Kia models are capable of losing as much as 50% within the first three years of ownership.

If your Kia model was to be written off, your motor insurer would only ever cover the market value of your vehicle on the day it was written off or stolen. This could leave you thousands of pounds out  of pocket and with the inability to purchase a new Kia model. However, this is where Gap Insurance can help you and your finances.
What is vehicle replacement insurance and what can it do to help protect you and your Kia?

Vehicle Replacement Insurance has been designed to protect you from the effects of depreciation and the effects of appreciation to the cost to purchase a new model. As Kia models are growing increasingly popular in the UK, it is more than likely that a cost to purchase a brand new Kia, with the same model, age and mileage etc as yours was, will have increased.

It is this increased amount that Vehicle Replacement Insurance has the ability to protect up to. Vehicle Replacement Insurance will pay the difference between the market value of your Kia on the day it was written off (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the amount it would cost to replace your Kia with the same make, model, mileage, age and specification as yours was. This form of Gap Insurance is said to be the highest form of protection.
Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for Kia at Easy Gap

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance is most likely to have been the level of Gap Insurance offered to you during the purchase process of your Kia model. It may have been explained in a number of different ways. Put simply, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will cover the difference between the market value of your vehicle on the day it was written off (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the original invoice price that you paid for your Kia model.

This will give you the ability to clear any outstanding finance, if any, and the full balance, deposit and equity is yours to have to spend as you wish. This form of Gap Insurance is the most popular form of protection within dealerships up and down the UK and is usually offered at the national average price of £395. However, why pay more when you can come to Easy Gap and get more for your money.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance for Kia at Easy Gap

Like many other people today if you have chosen the finance or contract hire option of paying your Kia, then there are a couple of things that could be useful in helping you ensure you are fully covered. Unfortunately, it is an extremely dark truth that accidents do happen, cars are written off and stolen every day, the important thing is to make sure that you do not leave yourself in a horrendous situation, no funds and no car.

This is how Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance can help you and your Kia. If your Kia is declared a total loss, your motor insurer should pay you the market value of your vehicle on that day. However, some motor insurers do not, therefore, providing you allow us to negotiate we will pay the difference between you motor insurance settlement and the amount of finance you have remaining on the model.

This will give you the ability to walk away from the model without any form of financial liability.

Kia Motors is partly owned by Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea’s largest auto mobile manufacturer and the fourth largest of such in the world.

The word Kia originates from the Korean meaning ‘to arise to the world from Asia’ which can be greatly applied to Kia's recent success. Originally known as Kyungsung Precision Industry, the company began manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts.

Re-named Kia in 1952, the auto mobile company began manufacturing motorcycles in 1957, trucks in 1962 and its first car, the Brisa range in 1974. During the 1980’s, production was severely damaged by the then brutal South Korean dictator Chan Doo Hwan. Kia also manufacturers military vehicles for the South Korean and US armies.

In 1992, Kia partnered with the American auto giant Ford and created Kia America Motors. The American brand began enjoying great success throughout the North American market producing Ford and Mazda like models.

The Korean mass market manufacturer, Kia, has become one of the best selling brands in the European car market alongside the likes of Hyundai. The Kia brand are expected to further increase the range of models on offer as well as continuing the production of existing in demand models. The firm have confirmed that a new Kia Soul model will be on sale in the UK in the first number of months in 2014.

The Kia manufacturer has also confirmed that the 1.0 litre ecosport engine that is currently on offer in the Ford Fiesta model is the sole reason for the success the model has had in markets such as the UK. It is therefore expected that the Kia brand will be developing a 1.0 litre model of their own in the near future. The Kia Sportage has been revealed as being the biggest challenger to the success of the Nissan Qashqai in the UK and expect the challenge to continue further.
Which level of Gap Insurance do you need for your Kia?

There is no right or wrong answer instead think about want you want your policy to do for you when your Kia is written off. Do you simply want your policy to clear any outstanding finance? (consider finance gap insurance). Instead would you prefer to protect the invoice price you paid? (return to invoice gap insurance). Maybe the replacement cost of another Kia the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day you drove it home from the dealership? (vehicle replacement insurance).

Why are online Gap insurance so different from your local Kia Dealership?

Differences in rates of insurance premium tax and supplier prices means that your local Kia dealership will never be able to provide cover as competitively priced as online gap insurance suppliers.This price difference has nothing to do with levels of cover, support, back up, claim handling, expertise or experience.