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Saab models remain to be amongst the premium section of manufacturers, despite not being in the new car market at this current moment in time. If you have recently purchased a Saab model, then it is more than likely to have been an ambition of which you have had for a considerable amount of time. 

That said, it is highly likely that you will have paid a premium for such a prestigous make and wish to protect the value of the vehicle.

What is vehicle replacement insurance and what can it do to help protect you and your Saab?

Vehicle replacement is designed to pay the difference between your Saab's valuation on the day it is written off and the amount of money that you would need to spend to buy another Saab the same age, mileage and specification as yours was on the day that you first drove it home from the dealership. If that model is no longer available then settlement is based on the superseding model.

This form of protection has been designed to protect you from both the depreciation of the value of your Saab model and the appreciation to the cost of a new one.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for Saab

The most common form of gap insurance offered by Saab dealerships would be Return to Invoice (even though they may have called it something completely different) and quoted somewhere in the region of £395.00.

It would pay the difference between your Saab's valuation on the day it was written off and the original invoice price you paid for it hence the name return to invoice. This means that between your fully comprehensive insurance and your return to invoice gap insurance cover, you will get the full purchase price back minus the road fund which you can claim back from your nearest DVLA head office. (You will be pleased to know that our policies our feature rich and cover the cost of non-transferable warranties, paint protection and even pay towards your motor insurance excess as well as much more)

From this you have the ability to clear any outstanding finance if any and the balance, deposit and equity you have is yours to do what you want.

What is Finance and Contract hire Gap insurance for Saab

Buying your Saab can be expensive so spreading the cost with a form of finance or contract hire can be a good idea, it comes with benefits, such as obviously not needing the full amount upfront and scheduling monthly payments to suit you.

Don't forget that if your Saab is written off your own motor insurance company is only obliged to pay you what you your Saab is worth on the day it was written off with current rates of deprecation this could mean that should the worst ever happen you could be left financially exposed.

Now you find yourself without your Saab, with a lower amount for your vehicle than you owe to your finance company in financially devastating position. Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance will cover the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the amount of finance you have outstanding on the vehicle.

Over the history of SAAB, a range of products has occupied its product portfolio, ranging from civilian and military aircraft's, trucks, buses, spacecraft and even kitchens. The SAAB AB company was formed in 1937 to manufacturer aircraft's for the Swedish Air Force to protect the country’s neutrality during the Second World War. When the war came to an end, the company decided to expand into the auto mobile market after the need for aircraft's were dramatically reduced by the Swedish Air Force.

The first SAAB model to be manufactured was the 92 in 1949 which was argued to resemble an aircraft’s wing as to no surprise, it was manufactured by ex aircraft builders. The 92 model was developed into the 93 in 1955 which was the first SAAB model to be exported outside of Sweden to America. The 93 later developed into 96, which was seen to rival the German auto mobile manufacture Volkswagen beetle model. 1968 was a significant year for SAAB when the model 99 was released, the first model that had cut all connections with the original 92. The 99 model would introduce features which SAAB models still resemble today.

The Saab 9-5 model is arguably the best ever model the firm produced and easily the most recognisable as a Saab model. The previous 9-5 model was amongst the best selling models at the time of release and has maintained a steady demand in the used car market.

Along with the 9-5 model was the 9-3, however, the 9-3 estate was considered as being the more successful version. The estate model provided competition for both the BMW Tourer models and the estate models over at Mercedes.

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