Does your Gap Insurance cover your for travel abroad?

Many of us enjoy a holiday abroad, but if you use your vehicle for the trip will your Gap Insurance policy cover you for this? Many consumers who buy a motorhome, motorbike or a car will often have intentions of using the vehicle for the trip. If you have a Gap Insurance policy, will it cover you for your time outside the UK?

With all the other things you have to remember to organise with a trip abroad, your Gap Insurance cover for your vehicle, can often be overlooked. However, if you have an accident or the vehicle is stolen whist you are abroad and your vehicle insurers write the vehicle off, then you could lose thousands from the original price you paid for the vehicle.

Does Easy Gap Gap Insurance cover you abroad?

In short, your Easy Gap policy WILL provide cover whilst you are traveling abroad in your vehicle, subject to the policy terms and conditions. In specific regard for use abroad, the following conditions would need to be met amongst others:

  • Your own motor insurance provides you with cover for traveling abroad.
  • You are traveling in a European Community member state or a country covered by a valid International Motor Insurance Green Card.
  • You are currently allowed a trip of up to 120 days in any 12 month period, subject to the same terms and level of cover provided by your own motor insurance in the UK.

If you are planning a trip in your motorhome, a road trip on your motorbike or car, then a Gap Insurance policy from Easy Gap will ensure you have cover abroad. With all the other aspects you have to remember when planning a trip, it is nice to know that if you buy an Easy Gap policy, you could protect all your trips abroad for up to 5 years.

EasyGap Gap Insurance and the Know Before You Go Campaign

Remember you can have an accident or have your vehicle stolen abroad, just as you can in the UK. Along with your Travel Insurance, Medical and passport requirements, money exchanges and travel arrangements, not having the right Gap Insurance policy on your vehicle could leave you out of pocket by thousands of pounds.

Easy Gap is a proud partner of the Know Before You Go Campaign run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Whilst we can offer you advice on Gap Insurance for your vehicle, there are many other aspects you need to consider in order to stay safe and secure on your trip. We will add information on this site, but you can also find more out by clicking the campaign logo below.



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