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Why Easy Gap?

The Easy Gap brand offers a range of products that consumers can compare against the product offered by their motor dealer. Easy Gap policies are underwritten by a well know specialist insurer and the Easy Gap brand is owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd, one of the leading specialist insurance providers in the UK today.

Indeed Aequitas were the only UK company to have two brands featured within the Which? Report on Gap Insurance. However, in 2013 Aequitas Automotive became the first company to have three brands featured in the report with Easy Gap, Gap Insurance 123 and Shortfall.

What is vehicle replacement insurance and what can it do to help protect you and your Honda car or motorbike?

Vehicle replacement is designed to pay the difference between your Honda's valuation on the day it is written off and the amount of money that you would need to spend to buy another Honda the same age, mileage and specification as yours was on the day that you first drove it home from the dealership.

If that model is no longer available then settlement is based on the superseding model.

This form of Gap Insurance is designed to protect you from both depreciation and appreciation to the cost of a new model. This form of protection will ensure that if you have purchased your vehicle at a discounted price then that discount is protected.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for your Honda

Honda dealerships most commonly offer return to invoice form of gap insurance and the chances are that you will have been quoted a premium in the region of £395.00 inclusive of insurance premium tax. 

However, we can offer the same level of cover, if not better for a fraction of the price. Return to Invoice Gap Insurance does exactly what it suggests. It will cover the difference between the value of your Honda on the day it is written off or stolen and the original invoice price that you paid for the vehicle. This will give you the power to clear any outstanding finance and have the ability to dispose of the balance, deposit and equity as you please.

Finance and Contract hire Gap Insurance for Honda

Imagine that not long after buying your Honda through Finance that you find yourself unfortunately involved in an accident resulting in your car being written off, or you find that thieves have stolen your Honda. Your motor insurer will only ever pay you the market value of your vehicle on the day it was written off, leaving you thousands of pounds short of what your finance company agreed to settle.

Now you may believe, after being through this terrible ordeal, your finance company may choose to forget about the outstanding finance. However, this is not the case. Your finance company will demand you to complete the payment of the outstanding finance even though the vehicle has been declared a total loss.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance will cover the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the amount of finance you have outstanding. This will ensure that you are not left paying for a vehicle you no longer own.

The story of Honda and of its founding father Soichiro, the man credited to founding today’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world is as just interesting as it is inspiring.

As a result of Japan's devastating defeat in World War Two, the island nation was left with a poor economy and a lack of resources for example, a reduction in transportation availability and gas. To overcome this growing issue, Soichiro masterminded the idea by simply attaching ex-military engines to push bikes which offered a more economical form of transportation to the Japanese public. This would ultimately be the start of the Honda Motor Company, founded in 1948.

This paved the way to the creation of Honda’s first motorcycle, ‘the Dream’ model in 1949 and by 1964, it became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles on the market, reaching the ten millionth motorcycle by 1968. After the motorcycle sector of Honda Motors was firmly established, the Japanese company  moved into the auto mobile market in 1963, with the successful production of the T360 pick up truck and then the S500 sports car.

Honda have recently announced plans to develop a number of hybrid models. The Japanese manufacturer has fallen behind both Toyota and Nissan in the electric/hybrid car market and hope to improve the fortunes of the brand within such markets with a host of new models.

The Honda firm have also confirmed that they plan on releasing a new Civic Type R model in the UK. Arguably the most recognisable Honda model will be making its way to the UK car market sometime in 2014. The news broke following the appearance of the model at the Geneva Motor Show back in March of this year.

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