Some frequently asked questions and answers

Gap Insurance FAQWe are asked questions by our customers and we hope Which Gap cover is bestthis continues as there should never be any room for grey areas in insurance instead everything should only ever be in black and white.

At EasyGap we do understand that Gap Insurance is not always well understood. We hope our website provides lots of information for you, and our freephone number is there to encourage you to call and ask. However, we have compiled a list of commonly asked queries, and some simple answers to each.

If you have a question that you need the answer to, then simply give us a ring and we will add it to the list!

Is the price quoted for each year or a one off payment? - If you have chosen a specific number of years on the quote, eg 4 years, then the price generated is for the full period and not an annual payment.

What happens if the claim limit I choose ends up not being adequate if I make a claim? - You will simply get the maximum of your claim limit. So if you had a 'gap' to bridge of £12,000 and you had only opted for a a £10,000 claim limit, you would simply get the £10,000 as a settlement from the policy.

Dont forget what ever your question or query at Easy Gap we are here to help, so why not call 0800 195 4926 and we will be only too happy to help you nderstand your gap insurance choices. 

Gap Insurance pricesWhy are dealer gap insurance prices higherWhy is GapInsurance123 so much cheaper than the dealer? -

There are 3 basic reasons.

Firstly, the Insurance Premium Tax must be charged at the same rate as VAT by the motor dealer, ie 20%. If you buy gap insurance from an independent source such as Easy Gap it is only 10% (the Government have announced this will increase to 12% later in 2017).

Secondly, the motor dealer can only sell Gap Insurance to someone it sells a vehicle to. Easy Gap can sell a Gap Insurance policy to anyone who qualifies for the policy. As such we would sell in a few days the number of policies that some motor dealers would sell in a year. This puts us in a far better position to negotiate better prices from the insurer for our customers. Mention the price you are offered a Easy Gap policy for to a motor dealer, and they will often tell you that they could not even get a supply price form the dealer that cheap.

Thirdly, every business has to make a profit, we are no different. However, we work on a 'volume' basis, and as such try to present a policy premium to our customers at a wholesale price. We keep our running costs low, and as such can pass on great savings to our customers. Our profit margins keep our business growing because of the volume of customers we have.

Gap Insurance policiesAre Easy Gap Insurance Policies the same quality?

Are EasyGap policies inferior to other more expensive policies?
 - Actually we would strongly argue that the policy features in a EasyGap policy are as good as a policy found anywhere else in the UK market today if not better.

Remember we offer a wide range of different Gap Insurance policies on EasyGap,

and we have been recognized by Which Magazine as providing the UK's best premium prices.

Also, we are the only UK company to have two separate brands featured in the top 8 Gap Insurance brands in the UK. 

The policies are underwritten by AM Trust International Underwriters Ltd for all new sales from 3rd January 2017. AM Trust carries an 'A' financial credit rating. Prior to that date, Easy Gap policies were underwritten by UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance.

Policies are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Policies have many special features such as being deferrable, transferable and can be cancelled with a refund.
Can you buy gap insuranceCan you buy gap insuracneCan you Buy Gap Insurance ?

Does my vehicle qualify for Gap Insurance ? - For a full list of eligibility please call or check the policy terms and conditions.

However, as a general rule if your vehicle is

a UK supplied vehicle, listed in Glass' Guide, no more than 3500kg in weight and is less than £75,000 in value then you should be fine for Gap Insurance with ourselves.

There are some excluded vehicles but remember Easy Gap is part of Aequitas Automotive Ltd and are a totally independent specialist broker, and we may have another insurer who could cover you. If our Easy Gap policies do not meet your criteria then please call and we will endevour to find a policy to suit.

So why not call on 0800 195 4926 and explore your gap insurance options?
Who are easy gap isnuranceThis may be the first time that you have ever considered Gap Insurance so who are Easy Gap?

EasyGap are a trading name of Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Aequitas have provided Gap Insurance policies direct to the UK public for a number of years. Aequitas Automotive Ltd are registered with the Financial Services Authority ( FRN 541186), The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA Membership Number 006652) and is a registered Data Controller with ICO (Z2455374).

Aequitas Automotive Ltd are a family of specialist Gap Insurance brands, with a second leading retailer site, This gives Aequitas the ability to directly compare insurers for you, something many other suppliers simply cannot. We feel that this gives us the advantage of being able to fins a policy that suits you, rather than making you suit our one and only policy.   

Other Aequitas Automotive owned brands include, and

We have some amazing credentials that we are very proud of so why not check for yourself?