Know Before You Go Campaign

Planning a holiday or trip abroad? We all enjoy such experiences but they do require planning ahead of time. To make the very most of such an adventure we all want to stay safe and secure on our travels. There are ways in which you can minimise any potential problems and maximise your enjoyment.

At we are proud partners of the official 'Know Before You Go' campaign run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This provides a wealth of information and advice to travellers of all kinds, and helps you prepare thoroughly for your trip. We will provide access to the information on the EasyGap website, as well as as our sister website GapInsurance123 and our twitter account (@EasyGap follow us!)


Why have we got involved in the campaign?

There are several reasons, which we will explain. First and foremost when we make a decision to be involved in a campaign we have to be sure that the advice we pass to you comes from an impeccable source. The Know Before You Go Campaign only provides information via official Partners. 

The Gap Insurance products we provide do allow for cover when travelling abroad, which means if your vehicle is stolen or in an accident and 'written off' by your insurance company, then the Gap Insurance cover we provide can still provide you with protection against depreciation when outside the UK.

Also, we understand that people who purchase our policies are looking to provide themselves with financial protection, so it is natural that they would also be interested in protecting themselves if they travel abroad. We believe your Gap Insurance protection forms only a part of the picture when it comes to planning a trip. Whilst we think we can consider ourselves an authority on Gap Insurance, we want to give you access to the very best advice from the best resources.

The Know Before You Go campaign is designed to give you this and over the next few months we aim to provide you with information on all aspects of travel.  

Stay safe overseas – know before you go


The better prepared you are when you travel abroad, the safer you will be. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers ‘Know before you go’ travel advice, including simple precautions you can take before and during your trip. To find out more, click the image above to view their website.