The Top 5 Reasons to choose Easy Gap for Gap Insurance

Why choose Easy Gap for your Guaranteed Asset Protection?

This is an obvious question for any customer to consider. We are sure that all other Gap Insurance brands believe that their product and package is better than the rest. However, we are certain that the following factors mean that we do offer the best option for any UK consumer considering protecting their vehicle today.

We have broken down our reasoning into five separate areas.

Take a look through and I am sure you will agree that Easy Gap Insurance is the best option for you!
There are many Gap Insurance brands in the UK today, and behind each policy is an insurance underwriter backing the policy terms. As you are buying a Gap Insurance policy for an extended period of time, we feel it is essential that Easy Gap customers are backed by a policy underwritten by a large insurer.

We live in uncertain financial times, and ultimately we want to know that an insurer can fulfill its obligations if you have to make a claim in say 4 years time. If we were to use a smaller insurer, and that insurer was to run into trouble, where would that leave you?

We prefer to know that your interests are backed by an insurer who are large and stable enough to fulfill its obligations. With Easy Gap the insurer underwriting your a new policy purchase is AM Trust International Underwriters Ltd, who carry an 'A' credit rating. All policies purchased prior to 3rd January 2017 is UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance.
The Easy Gap brand is one of two specialist Gap Insurance brands owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd

Aequitas Automotive Ltd are the only UK company to have three separate brands featured on the Which Magazine Gap Insurance Report in 2012 and each consecutive year since. Indeed the Aequitas brands accounted for the cheapest UK premium on 5 out of 6 quotes taken independently by Which, when compared to the other leading online brands. In 2014 Aequitas Automotive became the first UK company to have three brands featured within the Which report on Gap Insurance as they expanded their portfolio by introducing the one stop shop for all automotive based insurance products, Following the immediate success of, we introduced which is designed to take all the guess work out of Gap Insurance with no upper claim limits and no choice between different policy types.

Being a broker, Aequitas Automotive is in a unique position of being able to compare policies for you across all four brands to ensure you are purchasing the most comprehensive policy at the very best price for you. 

This means we are able to offer you a unique comparison feature, which as we understand no other UK company can.
We only offer features listed in the Policy terms and conditions.

This you may assume is universal, however, you would be mistaken.

We understand that certain companies offer features that are not listed in the Policy Terms. This may well be done in all good faith, and are simply a promise offered by the insurance broker. However, we feel that all Easy Gap features should be backed by the policy terms and conditions, as if you make a claim then it is the terms the insurer would use to settle your claim. If the feature offered was by the broker and not the insurer, then you would have to rely on the broker fulfilling this. What happens if the broker has been sold, or goes out of business?

We strongly urge you to consider the merit of features offered outside the policy terms, and at Easy Gap we will not make any unless it is in 'black and white'.
We offer the biggest range of gap insurance policies online in the UK 

We understand that 'one size fits all' does not necessarily apply to Gap Insurance. We all buy our vehicles in a different manner, and therefore may have different requirements and opinions when it comes to Gap Insurance.

Easy Gap can offer Finance Gap, Combined Return to Invoice Gap, Vehicle Replacement Insurance and Agreed Value Insurance. You can defer the start date and even add in up to £2500 of negative equity you have bought across from another vehicle. We offer standard cover for Cars, Motorbikes, Motorhomes, and LCV's, as well as specialist cover for Taxi's and Driving School Vehicles. Are you worried about being confused by so many products, then don't be.

Easy Gap were the first to introduce a fully integrated and comprehensive questionnaire, which you complete prior to your quote, to eliminate the types of Gap Insurance that would not apply to you when you proceed to the quote stage.
Making a Gap Insurance claim is not something anyone ever plans for.

Let's be completely honest no-one ever plans to have their vehicle stolen.
No-one ever plans to be involved in an accident.

We totally understand that making a claim on top of the stress of your vehicle being written off, can be very upsetting. In fact, it is our job to support you and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Even though the claims team can not initiate any claim until your own insurance company have confirmed that they are writing your vehicle off, we are here to support you.  From the moment that the claims team send the claims pack, you simplt sign over authority for the two insurance companies to liaise with each other. Effectively, avoiding any chance of you ever playing piggy in the middle with two large insurance companies. In fact written into your policy is a terms which states, providing that you have given the claims team everything they need they commit to settle within 14 days.
At Easy Gap we work really hard on your behalf to ensure that we only offer what we genuinely believe to be the best levels of cover. Even if the policies look the same, subtle differences can make a massive change to the way in which your policy performs when you need to make a claim.

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