Easy Gap and the Which Report

At Easy Gap we have always tried to champion lower Gap Insurance prices for the UK consumer.

We have been aware that motor dealers often charge £300 to £400 for three year Return to Invoice cover. This premium price can normally be reduced by at least 70% by looking at a comparable policy from Easy Gap.

Easy Gap in Which Magazine

The sheer size of the price differential can often cause consumers to believe that the policy they are looking at must be different from that offered by the motor dealer. Indeed this view is often promoted by the motor dealer as a direct reason not to consider the gap insurance policy from an independent source. However, we would say that by comparing the two policies directly, you will find Easy Gap policies are indeed far superior to many of those offered by motor dealers today.

Factors that effect this difference include the legal requirement for a motor dealer to charge a higher rate of Insurance Premium Tax at 20% compared to an independent insurance broker who are charged at the standard rate, which is traditionally a lot lower.

The difference in policy premium prices was highlighted further when the 'people's champion' from Which Magazine produced an informative report on Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement styles of cover. The report compared the difference between motor dealer's quotes with those of the leading online brokers.

The quotes gained, demonstrated that all quotes gained were significantly cheaper from the online brokers than from the motor dealers.

When comparing the online brokers, we were very please to see that brands owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd (Easy Gap and GapInsurance123) accounted for the cheapest UK premium on 5 out of 6 occasions. Aequitas Automotive were the only UK company to have two separate brands featured, and it was with pride we were recognized by such a prestigious and independent source such as Which Magazine. This information was based on the original review into Gap Insurance carried out back in 2012. Both Easy Gap and Gap Insurance 123 have been featured within the Which Report for each annual update since.

In 2018, both Easy Gap and Gap Insurance 123 have been undergoing a number of updates and changes to the online customer experience, this has resulted in the online quotation system being temporarily unavailable. However, in order to provide continued cover, you do have the ability to obtain an equivalent quotation through sister brands Shortfall.co.uk and TotalLossGap.co.uk.

Which Magazine Gap Insurance Reports

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