Buy Gap Insurance for Mercedes

Mercedes vehicles are amongst the most prestigous and valuable vehicles in the UK car market today. However, just like any other make and model, Mercedes models are susceptible to the effects of depreciation. This of course leaves you financially vulnerable if your model were to be declared a total loss. 

Your motor insurance company as you may or may not know, are only ever liable to give you a settlement figure of as much as the market value of your vehicle on the day it was declared a total loss.

Due to depreciation, this could be a considerable amount less than you paid or agreed to pay for the vehicle. This is where Gap Insurance from Easy Gap can help protect you. Whilst we may not be able to prevent your Mercedes vehicle from being written off or stolen etc, we can protect you from the financial consequences.
What can vehicle replacement insurance do to protect your Mercedes-Benz?

Vehicle replacement insurance is the newest and possiblythe most comprehensive form of Gap Insurance available for you to consider. This is because instead of simply protecting yourself against any financial shortfall or even the original invoice price you paid you are now protecting a level of vehicle. However, whilst it may have earned its reputation of being the most comprehensive form of Gap Insurance it may not be right for your particular circumstances. If you have purchased your vehicle at a discounted price or in the knowledge of the vehicle being replaced within the range then this form of protection may be ideal for yourself.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance would pay the difference between your Mercedes' valuation and the amount of money you would need to spend to purchase another Mercedes the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day that you drove it out of the showroom.

What can Return to Invoice gap insurance do to protect you and your Mercedes?

Return to Invoice gap insurance is the most commonly offered form of gap insurance offered by Mercedes-Benz main dealerships. However, it is highly likely they offered this form of protection under a different name such as RTI, Combined RTI, Back to Invoice or Invoice Shortfall amongst others. It is also likely that the protection offered will have been for a period of three years and at a price of somewhere in the region of £395, which is the national dealership average.

Put simply, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will do exactly as it suggests and return you back to your invoice price in the event of your vehicle being declared a total loss. This form of protection will cover you from your motor insurance settlement back up to the original invoice price that you paid, giving you the ability to clear any outstanding finance and leaving you with the full balance, deposit and equity to do with what you wish.
Why should you buy Finance and Contract Hire Gap insurance for your Mercedes?

If you are buying your Mercedes on contract hire then you already know all about the benefits. Low initial deposit / advanced payments and low commitment, then just as your Mercedes is about to start to require expensive services and maintenance costs you hand it back and start all over again. However, do you know what happens if your Mercedes is declared a total loss?

Your own insurance company will pay your contract hire company what your Mercedes is worth on the day it was written off and this should cover the anticipated disposal. But this may be a considerable amount less than what you had agreed to pay. Without any form of Gap Insurance, you will still be financially liable for the difference between the two settlement amounts.

Put simply, Finance Gap Insurance will pay the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the amount of finance you have outstanding on the vehicle, ensuring that you are not left paying for a vehicle you no longer own.
Mercedes-Benz is the worlds oldest automobile brands still in existence today and is often cited as one of the worlds most recognised brands alongside Nike and Coca Cola.The German auto maker employs one inspector for every eleven employees, and by the time a Mercedes-Benz vehicle arrives in the show room, it has gone through over a thousand vigorous inspections, priding themselves on quality manufacturing.

The iconic Mercedes-Benz logo is a three pointed star which represents the company’s ability to manufacturer engines which can cater for, land, sea and air. Mercedes sponsors German football club VFB Stuttgart and provides naming rights for their stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Mercedes-Benz current product range includes the Coupe, Convertible,Sedan, Sport Utility models. The company manufactures their auto mobiles in all corners of the world, such as Argentina, Canada, Spain, China, Indonesia, Nigeria and Mexico.
One of the biggest headline grabbers in the automotive market this year has been the new Mercedes AMG GT. There have been numerous images released of the new model along with rumours regarding the development of the new engine fitted upon the model.

As well as the new AMG development, Mercedes, have also been in the news over the recent sighting of the CLS model suring testing. The brand are yet to confirm any official details regarding the development of the model, but it is expected to make an appearance at one of the motor shows staged towards the end of the year.

Another Mercedes model expected to join the market is the C Class model. The new C Class estate has been designed and released with the main rivals at the forefront of consideration. The new Estate model will be up against the active tourer models at BMW and the estate models at Audi.
Buying Mercedes Gap Insurance with Peace of Mind