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Are you confused by Gap insurance? Easy Gap provide benchmark products and information for financial protection of your vehicle. Easy Gap cover is backed by the financial services compensation scheme underwritten by one of the UK's largest insurance companies UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance at real value for money prices.

Or do you want to research into the various levels of gap insurance and how Easy Gap can help you protect your vehicle?

Either way at Easy Gap we are here to help. You can click or call our free phone 0800 195 4926 where we will be only to happy to explain your gap insurance options. Our aim as always is to help you understand how the various levels of gap insurance could work for you so that you can make your own informed choices.

Gap Insurance is just like any other insurance, it can not protect you from something unexpected happening. Gap insurance can not stop your vehicle from being stolen or involved in an accident. Instead it can simply look after you the only way any form of insurance can - financially.

Times are not easy for anyone so is gap insurance money well spent? 

As you know being part of Aequitas we pride ourselves in being upfront and honest in all we do so this means looking at the cold harsh facts and letting you decide.

Yes we think that gap insurance is a good way to protect yourself but being an online gap insurance specialist you would expect nothing less. So instead lets look at the harsh reality of what happens when your vehicle is written off and how gap insurance could help.

When your vehicle is written off no matter how you have paid for it and no matter what the circumstances it is never planned and never something pleasant. Lets be completely honest something terrible will have just happened. Either your vehicle has been stolen or worse you or your loved ones have just been involved in an accident.

So is Gap insurance really worth it?

What are the chances of you ever having to make a claim?

We speak to thousands of customers who buy their gap insurance policies and a frequent question we are asked is although the idea of gap insurance is very good will it ever happen to them?  Is gap insurance really money well spent? Will they ever need to make a gap claim? 

Our answer is always exactly the same!

"We genuinely hope that you buy a gap policy and never need to use it. We want our customers to enjoy their vehicles and not have to go thorough the traumatic experience of an accidents or being the victim of theft."

That said unfortunately we know that is is not the case and it happens day in and day out.

As we have said many times before our aim is to give you the facts and simply let you decide. After all if you decide to protect yourself with a form of gap insurance is totally your choice, as it is your vehicle, yours money and you ho would have to cope with the financial repercussions.

Did you know that 600,000 vehicle are estimated to be written off in the UK each year alone. ( that is equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow ).* Figures taken from the Office of National Statistics.

Did you know that 83 % of vehicles are now stolen with the use of the keys. *Figures taken from recent survey by the National Crime Intelligence Service 

The top ten vehicles stolen in 2011 may surprise you as not all where premium sports cars instead in descending order, the Ford transit, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Corsa, BMW 3 Series, Ford Focus, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ford Mondeo and Honda Civic. *

As the cost of environmentally repairs vehicle increases this means that small impacts can means that your vehicle is written off.

Did you know that a vehicle is stolen every six minutes in the UK and less than an average of 10 seconds to steal a motor bike. *Figures taken from recent survey by the National Crime Intelligence Service 

When you vehicles written off  it is not just a question of having to buy another, older vehicle, or even having to use your hard earned savings instead it really can cause a massive financial strain.  Imagine having no vehicle to use, having to use savings to find a deposit for another or to top up your insurance companies settlement and add to that the fact that you still owe thousand of pounds on your old agreement.

Again we stress gap insurance is optional. It is your choice and it is all about the risk of something happening and how that could affect you.

With gap insurance premiums starting from just £39.00 inclusive of insurance premium tax for one years gap insurance why not click or call and speak to a member of the team and explore you gap insurance options.
What do our Easy gap Insurance policies cover and what makes our policies so different from anyone else's?

Again we would like to stress that at Easy Gap we work hard to make our policies unique and are constantly monitoring the market to ensure that we offer what we consider to be genuine feature packed polices are real value for money prices, so please before you consider gap insurance from any where else why not compare our levels of cover.

As you would expect from Aequitas everything we promise is clearly written into the terms and conditions of your policy, in black and white. From free transfer for how long it will take to settle your claim.

Our polices are be deferred for up to 12 months free of charge.

Vehicle purchase priceThe price you have paid is the price that is protected as our policies do not limit it any form of a guide price * excludes agreed value which is based on 105% of Glass's Guide dealer retail.

Factory OptionsOur Policies cover all factory fitted options.

Dealer fitted accesoriesOur policies cover up to £1500 worth of dealer fitted accessories such as mudflaps mats tow bars as long as they are shown on your invoice.

Free gap insuarcne transferYou can transfer your policy to your next vehicle free of charge subject to your vehicles eligibility.

No admin chargesWe do not charge for administration changes

Paint protectionWe cover the cost of paint protection

Non Transferable warrantiesWe cover the cost of non-transferable warranties

Accident managementFree accident management.

Gap Insurance claimsWe liaise with your own motor insurance company so you do not have to.

Cooling off periodsWe offer a 30 day cooling off period.

Cancelable gap coverYou can cancel at any time and receive a pro rata refund.

FSAOur polices are fully FSA regulated and therefore are backed by the financial services compensation scheme.

No credit card surchargeWe do not charge any surcharge for paying by credit card.

Gap insurance quotesAll prices are shown inclusive of insurance premium tax so the price you see is the price you pay.

In addition to that none of your details are sold, passed on, given or allowed to be used by any company for any marketing purposes what so ever. We guard your security and privacy and will never contact you un solicited, however we will send you an email normally 6 months, then 3 months then 28 days before thee end of your policy just to remind you that your cover is about to end.

Please remember that non of our gap insurance team are paid on the amount of policies they provide instead each and every member of the team has a bonus structure based on our companies rates of customer service.

We believe it is a team effort. from ensuring that documents are send out on time to answering your questions to simply being a friendly voice at the end of the phone. That said we have made sure that all of our team are completely trained and qualified, from our sales team to accountant , from our receptionist to everyone in-between,  this is so that they can appreciate your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations.

It genuinely is in our interest to ensure that you are looked after every step of the way.

From buying a policy to supporting you when you need to make a gap insurance claim we are here and are only ever a click or a call away.
What circumstances will your gap insurance cover you for as just like any other form of insurance therte must be terms and conditions?

What happens if it is not your fault that your vehicle is written off?

What happens if your vehicle is stolen with the use of the keys?

What happens if your spouse is driving?

Instead of writing pages and pages of lists of terms and conditions about ways in which you policy will cover you our policies have just one major term.

...Providing that you own motor insurance company give you indemnity for the claim....

So what does this really mean?

Simply put it means that no matter what the circumstances that your vehicle was written off providing that your own motor insurance company are happy to settle the claim then we are too.

No matter if you are driving or someone else, no matter if it is your fault or someone else's, no matter if your vehicle is stolen with the keys or without as long as your own motor insurance will settle then we will.

For a full list of policy terms and conditions why not click for a quote as the complete documents are available just above every gap insurance price, or as always why not call and speak to a member of the team about your options?
If you are new to the world of gap insurance it can seem very daunting, different levels of cover, claim limits, so we completely understand that it can be confusing.

At Easy Gap our aim has and always will be to give you all the information that you need so that you can make your own informed choices about what is right for you.

After all the best gap insurance for me could be totally inappropriate for you and your circumstances so please before you start to shop online take a few moments to think about what you would like your policy to do for you if and when your vehicle is written off.

After all making a claim can be stressful as something terrible will have happened so making sure that you understand your policy, how it works and what it will do can mean that at least the financial aspects of the ordeal are taken care of.

So lets play devils advocate?

If your vehicle was written off in 18 months time what would you like to happen?

Would you simply like to be able to walk away from your old vehicle will no further financial liability or did you buy your vehicle using a form of contract hire ? ( protect the finance shortfall ) 

Would you like to make sure that between your two insurance companies you are given back the original purchase price you paid? This means that it you paid cash for your vehicle you now have the full price you paid back. if you paid for your vehicle using a form of finance then this would means that you could use the full purchase price  to clear any finance and the balance of funds are your to do with as you see fit? ( protect the invoice price you paid ) 

Would you like your policy to top up your own motor insurance settlement and the amount of money that you would need to spend to buy another vehicle which is the same age mileage and conditions as yours was on the day your first collected it even if the price has gone up? (protect the replacement cost )

So now you know that you want your policy to do for you you are ready to start shopping online , however please remember that not all gap insurance is the same and that we work really hard to ensure that our policy terms and conditions are in our opinion the very best in the market. 

So why not click or call and speak to a member of the team about your gap insurance options?

Fact - Did you know that over 600,000 cars alone are written off each year in the UK. *Figures taken from the office of National Statistics.

Depending upon the level of gap insurance cover you choose, your gap insurance policy can pay off outstanding finance or return you to the invoice price you paid. Some types of gap insurance can even act as new for old cover. In fact there are many different types of Gap insurance all designed slightly differently to protect you in different ways and at different times of your vehicle's life.

Simply pick the type of vehicle you want a Gap Insurance quote for and our automated system will walk you through. If you need help, have gap insurance questions or would like to arrange gap insurance by telephone, simply call us on our free phone number 0800 195 4926.

Remember also that we are one of the few Gap Insurance brokers who own more than one leading brand in the UK. Our GapInsurance123sister website offers a range of products that can be compared with Easy Gap, and of course with our unbiased view also. However some aspects are universal in our cover, such as a contribution of £250 towards your motor insurance excess.

You will be pleased to know that we do not use vouchers, discount codes or gimmicks instead we constantly monitor the gap insurance market to ensure that you are quoted our best price first time, every time. So if it is your first time looking for gap insurance online or you have pondered for days, you will always know that you have our best price. In fact we are so confident you will be quoted a real value for money price that in the exceptionally unlikely event that should you find a cheaper quotation we guarantee to beat it!

We are also very proud to be able to offer the UK's largest portfolio of gap insurance under one roof all available for you to buy online.

You can buy Transferable Vehicle Replacement Insurance - VRI Gap Insurance

You can buy Transferable Combination Return to Invoice Gap Insurance - RTI +

You can buy Finance Gap Insurance

You can also arrange gap insurance for many different types of vehicles including; 

You can also Buy Car Gap insurance online 

You can Cover your taxi or private hire vehicle

You can Protect your motorbike

You can choose various levels of motor home gap insurance

You can protect your van and buy van gap insurance online.

You can also arrange Gap Insurance for many different manufacturers, in fact any vehicle listed in Glass' Guide.

Why not click or call and explore how Easy your Gap Insurance options can be?
Buy Gap InsuranceBuying Gap insurance can seem confusing and daunting. Before you start shopping online or buy any form of cover, please take a few moments to read our top tips. Our clear and concise details on Gap Insurance can take all the confusion away from any purchase.

Which level of gap insurance is bestWe are all different and want different things so please think about what you would like your policy to do for you should you need to make a claim. Simply clear any finance (Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance), protect the deposit and equity you have (Return to Invoice Gap Insurance) or protect the deposit equity and inflationary increase (Vehicle Replacement Insurance).

check what your policy coversCheck what your gap insurance policy covers, for example are paint protections or warranties covered? While this in itself does not stop you being able to buy the policy if your policy does not cover them then should you need to make a claim you could still be left out of pocket.

Gap Insurance limiationsCheck if the price you have paid is limited to any form of guide price, ideally only consider policies which do not have this limit. If they do, you need to know which guide price the policy is limited by and how much your vehicle is worth in the relevant guide.

New car Gap insuranceIf you are buying a brand new vehicle, check if your own insurance company offers new for old within the first 12 months. If they do and you are happy with any terms and conditions they may have, why not consider buying a deferred policy and saving even more money (this policy means that if you wanted a total of 3 years cover you would simply buy a two year policy and set the start date any time in the future for up to 12 months). We do not charge you a higher premium if you wish to defer your Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement Insurance start date with Easy Gap.

Who does your gap insurance policy paySome policies will pay a nominated dealership, some will pay you. There is no problem either way however we prefer the idea that you are paid the funds as we believe that it gives you more choice. This is a personal choice and as long as you understand the policy terms there can never be any surprises, should you ever need to make a gap insurance claim.