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What is Gap Insurance and how does it work?

Simply put, if your vehicle is written off, whether that be stolen or an accident for example, your motor insurance will only pay out the value of the vehicle on that day. However, this can be a considerable amount less than the price you paid for the vehicle, the cost to replace it 'like for like' or the amount outstanding on finance. Gap Insurance will pay the difference between what your motor insurance pay out for the vehicle and one of the above.What is Gap Insurance & How does Gap Insurance work?

At Easy Gap Insurance we pride ourselves in being upfront and honest in all we do so this means looking at the facts and letting you decide and "We genuinely hope that you buy a gap policy and never need to use it. We want our customers to enjoy their vehicles and not have to go thorough the traumatic experience of an accidents or being the victim of theft." That said unfortunately we know that this is not the case. Did you know that 600,000 vehicle are estimated to be written off in the UK each year alone. Did you know that 83% of vehicles are now stolen with the use of the keys. Did you know that a vehicle is stolen every six minutes in the UK and less than an average of 10 seconds to steal a motorbike. *Figures taken from recent survey by the National Crime Intelligence Service.
When your vehicle is written off, it is not just a question of having to buy another, older vehicle, or even having to use your hard earned savings, instead it really can cause a massive financial strain.  Imagine having no vehicle to use, having to use savings to find a deposit for another or to top up your insurance companies settlement and add to that, the fact that you still owe thousand of pounds on your old agreement. Gap Insurance is all about something bad happening and how that could affect you, with prices form less than £40.00 is it really a risk you want to take?
What do our Easy gap Insurance policies cover and what makes our policies different?

Again, we would like to stress that at Easy Gap we work hard to make our policies unique and are constantly monitoring the market to ensure that we offer, what we consider to be genuine feature packed polices at real value for money prices. As you would expect from Aequitas, everything we promise is clearly written into the terms and conditions of your policy, in black and white. From transferring your policy, to how long it will take to settle your claim. In addition to that, none of your details are sold, passed on, given or allowed to be used by any company for any marketing purposes. We guard your security and privacy and will never contact you unsolicited, however, we will send you an email normally 6 months, then 3 months then 28 days before the end of your policy just to remind you that your cover is about to end.

Please remember that not one of our customer service team are paid on the amount of policies they provide, instead each member of the team has a bonus structure based on our companies rates of customer service.
What circumstances will your gap insurance cover you for?

What happens if it is not your fault that your vehicle is written off? What happens if your vehicle is stolen with the use of the keys? What happens if your spouse is driving?

Instead of writing pages and pages of lists of terms and conditions about ways in which you policy will cover you our policies have just one major term. Providing that you own motor insurance company give you indemnity for the claim.

Simply put, it means that no matter what the circumstances that your vehicle was written off providing that your own motor insurance company are happy to settle the claim, then we are too. No matter if you are driving or someone else, no matter if it is your fault or someone else's, no matter if your vehicle is stolen with the keys or without as long as your own motor insurance will settle then we will.
Due to depreciation, if your vehicle is written off your motor insurance will pay out a lot less than the price you paid for the vehicle originally. Gap Insurance will bridge the gap between what your motor insurance pay out and either the original invoice price you paid, the amount outstanding on finance or the cost to replace the vehicle. Therefore, not leaving you to suffer the financial effects of the depreciation to the market value of your vehicle. 

There are three different types of Gap Insurance available to protect you in different ways. The most common form of Gap Insurance and the easiest to understand is, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance. Simply put, between the Gap Insurance and your motor insurance you are returned back to the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle. 
There are three different types of Gap Insurance and the best one for you will be dependent on a number of different factors. If you have purchased your vehicle through the form of a finance agreement and do NOT have the option to own, then Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance will be the most suitable for you. 

If you do have the option to own the vehicle, then you will be eligible for either of the next two levels of cover. The first being Return to Invoice. This type of GAP will protect the invoice price of the vehicle. If you would prefer to draw a line in the sand and protect what you paid for the vehicle, then this is the best level of cover for you. 

If you have achieved a discount on the vehicle you have purchased, one level of cover may be more suitable, Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance. This is the most comprehensive level of cover, due to its ability to protect over and above what you may have paid for the vehicle. If the vehicle, in a number of years time, is now more expensive, due to the fact there is no level of discount available or just that the car has gone up in price due to inflation, Vehicle Replacement will top you up to the cost to buy the equivalent vehicle. 
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