Gap Insurance for Harley Davidson Motorbikes from Easy Gap

No matter which Harley Davison you have bought, your local Harley dealership will have most likely spoken to you about Harley Davidson Gap Insurance.

What is gap insurance?

Most importantly what can gap insurance do to help protect you and the money you have spend buying your Harley?

Gap insurance (Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance to give it's official term) is a supplementary insurance that runs alongside your own motor insurance and protects you against out of pocket expenses when your Harley is written off.

Ok so what does this actually mean to you and your Harley?

We all know that vehicles including your Harley Davidson, will lose value over time after all you would not pay the same amount for a bike which is three years old with 30,000 miles on the clock as you would for a brand new model. The amount that your Harley Davidson is worth in three, four or five years time is therefore much lower than the original invoice price you paid. The rate at which your motorbike loses value is called depreciation and is perfectly normal. In fact motor industry experts anticipate that the average vehicle can lose up to 50% and even 60% of it's original value within the first three years alone.

This is not normally an issue however it can become a major problem if your bike is stolen or involved in an accident and written off. 

Did you know that there are an estimated 600,000 vehicles written off in the UK alone. That is equivilent to the entire population of Glasgow having thier vehicle written off, so we hope that you can appreciate the scale of the problem.

Please remember that your own motor insurance company is only ever legally obliged to pay you what your Harley Davidson is worth on the day it was written off, so this means that if your bike is one of the unfortunate 600,000 you could be left which a massive fanatical shortfall.

For example if you buy a Harley today and pay £14,000 in three years time using the average rates of deprecation it could be worth as little as £7,000. So what happens to the other £7,000, what happens to any finance you may have outstanding?

Well if you where fortunate enough to be able to pay cash for your Harley Davidson this is the only amount without using your savings that you have to be able to replace your bike. If you paid finance this is the only amount again excluding savings that you have to be able to clear you finance.

Gap insurance for your Harley Davidson can help.

In fact depending upon the level of cover you choose you can protect either just any financial shortfall, the original invoice price you paid and even the replacement cost of another bike. Not all gap insurance is the same and you will be pleased to know that our policies are feature rich and have lots of additional benefits.

With online prices from as little as £39 inclusive of insurance premium tax for a years gap insurance protection for your Harley Davison, do you really want to take the risk?