• Easy Gap policies purchased prior to 22nd November 2012 were underwritten by AM Trust Europe Ltd
  • Easy Gap policies purchased between 22nd November 2012 and 1st January 2017 were underwritten by UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance
  • Easy Gap policies purchased after 1st January 2017 are underwritten by AM Trust International Ltd

Further Easy Gap policy changes in 2014
- From 24th January 2014 Easy Gap products will see a number of amendments aimed to improve clarity and flexibility for our policy holders. These include;

120 day Claims notification period - this has been extended from the original 30 days, and is aimed to provide that little extra time to make your claim. However we must stress that we would encourage you to make your claim as soon as possible in order to avoid any undue finance charges. We also require you to notify us of your claim prior to accepting any settlement from your motor insurer.

Flexible transfer options - Easy Gap has always been one of the few Gap Insurance brands to offer a transfer option of the balance of terms from your original policy onto a new vehicle. There are some providers who do not offer this, but instead may offer a 'cash in' value of the remainder of your cover, a loyalty discount if you like, against the cost of purchasing a new policy from them. This is not without its merits as you may require longer than the period left on your original policy anyway. However it could also have pitfalls also, namley that the provider can offer you a suitable Gap Insurance policy (as it is not the insurer you can buy the policy from).

So with both options having pro's and con's we were left with a decision as to which is the better way to go.............and we just could not decide so we will give you the choice!

If you purchase an Easy Gap RTI, VRI or Agreed Value policy from 24th January 2014, and you change you vehicle mid term then we will give you the choice. You can either transfer the balance of the policy onto another qualifying vehicle, or you can 'cash in' the remainding value of the policy and use this as a discount on the purchase price of another Easy Gap Gap policy. Either way there are no fees that will be charged for this facility, only the extra policy that you will have to pay for if you want longer cover.

Also we have simplified our claims procedure. Before we would cover the value of your old vehicle, as defined by the Glass' Guide Retail Value at the point of loss. This 'line in the sand' method has served us well as it has given us a direct point to negotiate with your motor insurer, and our claims team has not disappointed their dealings with motor insurers. Remember we are so confident of our claims procedures that we give a written commitment to settle within 14 days of your motor insurers settlement, and this remains.

However, we do understand that it can be hard for consumers to understand how different Gap Insurance providers may use different approached when it comes to claims. There could be a misconception that if the motor insurers offered you a figure lower than the GGRV for your vehicle then you would be left to fight a battle with them . This is not to say that other providers would not do this, but is something we would not advocate at Easy Gap.

So, and to demostrate the confidence we have in our claims procedure, any Easy Gap policy bought after 24th January 2014 will cover from your motor insurers settlement providing that you contact the Easy Gap claims team regarding the motor insurers settlement offer before your accept it.

Of course our commitment to a Gap Insurance settlement remains, and is only reaffirmed by this amendment to our Easy Gap cover.

Easy Gap policy update timeline

The date of 22nd November 2012 was a momentous day for the Easy Gap brand, as from that day the protection offered by Easy Gap cover isnow underwritten by UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance, and we have a brand new look website!

Easy Gap are extremely please and proud to offer protection to UK consumers from UK General Insurance on behalf of Ageas Insurance.

UK General and Ageas Insurance are easily some of the largest and well known insurers in the UK today, and provide in excess of  £2,000 million pounds worth of insurance premiums in the UK each year.

Why have Easy Gap switched insurance underwriters?

There are two fundamental reasons for the change, policy feature development and the fact that the policies are underwritten by one of the largest insurers in the UK.

The Easy Gap brand, owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd, has long been recognised as one of the leading Gap Insurance providers in the UK. Easy Gap has always tried to offer our clients with the most flexible terms possible and indeed there have been a number of feature changes including:

FREE Policy Transfer
- of remaining policy term. This is also a written policy term and not simply a broker promise.

Deferred Start Date
- if your motor insurer provides replacement cover in the first 12 months then you can defer your Vehicle Replacement or Return to Invoice policy free of charge.

Cancel at any time - We have now an extended 30 day 'cooling off' period and you can cancel your policy any time after that point, with a pro rata refund of any unused premium.

Extended Vehicle eligibility - all standard types of cover available for cars, vans, motor homes, motorbikes, taxis and driving school vehicles. Also ANY vehicle in Glass' Guide can be covered, no list of excluded manufacturers.

1 to 5 year cover for Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance
- Many motor dealers only offer up to 3 years and many online providers only offer four. Easy Gap can provide 5 year protection for those seeking extended protection underwritten by one of the largest insurers around. We believe this offers the best peace of mind in the UK today.

So Gap Insurance features to rival any other in the UK, underwritten by one of the best known names in the UK Insurance industry.

Has Gap Insurance ever been this Easy?

What happens to the 'old' Easy Gap policy holders? 

If you are one of the tens of thousands of Easy Gap policy holders in the UK today, you may be wondering how this effects your policy? Well it does not in any way. If you bought an Easy Gap policy underwritten by AM Trust Europe Ltd then these policy terms are still valid, and your insurance is unaffected.

Are there any aspects that the new Easy Gap policies cannot do that the old Easy Gap policies did?

Not in terms of the policies themselves. However, we have slimmed down the policy choice and policies such as Negative Equity Finance are not available online anymore.

Also the facility to spread the cost of the policy over 12 months has regrettably been withdrawn online. The spiraling costs of providing this facility has simply made it uneconomical to offer.

However, Easy Gap is part of one of the largest Gap Insurance brokers in the UK. If you cannot find what you want online then simply give our team a ring. We have access to a range of policies not available on our online facilities, let us see if we can find a solution to suit you!