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The company KTM originally started out under the name Trunkenpolz and repaired and sold on Opel and DKW motorcycles. Post second world war the company wanted to produce it's own motorcycles and started serial production a number of years later in 1954 with almost every single component being produced in house rather than being bought in.

Shortly after, Ernst Kroneif a businessman, became a major shareholder after acquiring a reasonable amount of the company. Soon after his appointment the company was then renamed Kroneif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen or KTM for short.The off road influence was highlighted in the dominance of rally-raid events such as the Atlas Rally and the Paris-Dakar Rally.

KTM set a plan to sponsor and support road racing event to again get the brand name associated with the sport by advertising the official competitive team colours which are black, orange and silver strung together by the company to create a strong brand identity similar to Ferrari and the colours red, yellow and black.

The KTM Supermoto bike may be the most prevalent and well known of the bikes in the United Kingdom after receiving highly regarded reviews within all credited bike magazines and newspapers. KTM has built it's brand awareness and value within the last few decades with it's off road influence in the motorcycle industry despite recently expanding into the street motorcycle production.

Earlier this year, KTM in it's second year of competing in Moto3 secured the World Championship title after developing a successful competitive strategy. It's due to the consistent speed of the KTM riders that KTM have decided to develop the bike further for the upcoming season in 2013. Both the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup bike and the production racer will start next season giving the new and up and coming riders the ability to profit in the near future from the development.