How quickly are Easy Gap claims paid?

Of course one of the most important questions asked when considering Gap Insurance is how the policy will perform in the event of a claim. Indeed it is fair to say that you may only ever find out how good your policy is if you do have to use it but would it be easier if you got an idea beforehand?

With Easy Gap policies we try to be as open and transparent as possible, and the claims process is no different. How do you know this?

We write it in the policy terms and conditions!

Easy Gap 14 day commitment

From November 2012, the new Easy Gap policies employ the very same 'Fast Track' claims process as was first employed on our sister site GapInsurance123. When the original GapInsurance123 products were developed in 2010, one of the important aspects was to clarify the claims procedure and how we could ensure policy holders are paid quickly and efficiently.

The 'Fast Track' 14 day commitment was devised.

It is a written term of the Easy Gap policy that the claims team will aim to settle your claim, on receipt of the necessary documents, within 14 days of your motor insurer's settlement.

Why do we do this?

Two reasons really, firstly because we can (and we will tell you how in a moment), and secondly because many consumers do not realise the constraints that motor insurers may impose when their market value claim is settled. If you have a hire car for example, this may be withdrawn as soon as the motor insurers make an acceptable offer for your vehicle. You may have no transport at this point at all.

Easy Gap feel it is essential that your Gap Insurance claim is settled quickly, so the funds are paid to you to replace your vehicle. Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 are one of a very few brands who will commit to do this for you. In fact Aequitas Automotive, the company who own and operate Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 are the only UK company to provide this 'fast track' service on two individual brands underwritten by different insurers. As you can see, we at Aequitas feel this feature is important, many other providers seem not to share our view.

How can we make this 'bold' commitment?

Simply the infrastructure of the Claims Team. The claim is handled by MotorWay Direct PLC in their Sheffield Headquarters, and the claims team are professionally trained and experts at their work. As part of any claim, you will be asked to give authority to the claims team to handle the claim with your insurer on your behalf. By taking out much of the 'to and fro' between you and the two insurance companies, we can streamline the process, and you can simply wait for your settlement payments.

Other products providers may say they will settle quickly, if they are so confident then is it written into their policy terms?

So when you compare Easy Gap to other product providers, ask yourself do they give the security of a big name underwriter, do they give you innovative product features, and how quickly will they settle your claim.

At Easy Gap we really do try to make life easy for you!