Easy Gap in the Media

Easy Gap has been highlighted many times by some of the biggest names in the media over the course of the last few years. Of course, the industries biggest names take the time and care to ensure the companies they feature are experts in the field. Understandably Easy Gap is proud to be recognised in this way. We have provided a selection of the articles we have been featured in.

The Moneysaving Expert website has released a report on Gap Insurance that features both Easy Gap and our sister website GapInsurance123. As always, the experts at MSE provide a range of general tips on the subject.

Many Gap Insurance providers site the Which? Gap Insurance report in 2012 as a great resource and highlighting the advantages of buying Gap Insurance from a specialist broker. The Which report also highlighted the fact that Easy Gap and our sister site, GapInsurance123 were responsible for providing the lowest UK premium costs, when compared to other providers, over 83% of the time.

InsuranceNews.net have run several articles on Easy Gap, one of the most recent was the extension of the 'fast track' claims process to ensure our clients are not left waiting for a settlement. The report highlighted how the use of a specialist Claims administrator aims to drastically reduce the time taken to process a claim when compared to some other providers.

The launch of the new, revamped Easy Gap website was reported in YahooNews in November 2012. The report described a series of new policy features, as well as announcing the change of underwriting insurer to UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance. Please note that from 1st January 2017 the new Easy Gap policies are underwritten by AM Trust International Ltd.

Easy Gap has forged a reputation within the Gap Insurance world, and these are just some examples of this. Please feel free to click any of the links to read the articles further.