How do you find the Best Gap Insurance Quote?

When you first start looking online for the "best gap insurance quote" it is easy to get caught up in the marketing, in the promotions and the super slick systems. So how do you find the best gap insurance quote on-line?

We have to say that at Easy Gap we totally understand that in todays climate we all want the best value for money and no-one can afford to pay more than they have to. However buying and comparing policies on price alone could make a difference when and if your ever have to make a claim on your gap insurance policy. After all your money is only well spent if your policy does what it says it will when you need to make a claim as any insurance is only as good as the claims procedure. So for this reason we would not only ask you to compare price but also policy features.

It may not be easy but ignoring many marketing gimmicks and comparing only what is written in the terms and conditions of your policy is the only true way to accurately compare levels of insurance.
When ever you buy a gap insurance policy either from your dealership or on-line gap insurance provider the chances are that in most cases the company you are buying the policy from will not be the same company that is responsible for honouring any claim.The policy will in fact be underwritten by an insurance company. So when you are looking for "the best gap insurance quotes" online it is important to find out about the insurance company behind the policy. Who are they, what is there field of expertise and most importantly are the polices backed by the Financial Services compensation Scheme?

The reason that this is so important is that we live in uncertain times and if the underwriting insurance company is unable to settle you claim there is an independent body ready and waiting to help.In some ways almost like buying a holiday which is ABTA backed.With this in mind we would urge you to never ever buy a policy which is not backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For reference the under writing insurance company behind all policies provided by Easy Gap prior to 1st January 2017 is UK General Insurance Company on Behalf of Ageas. They are completely UK based and have a wealth of experience, expertise and a market leading  pedigree and reputation. From 1st January 2017, policies are underwritten by AM Trust International Ltd, who carry a 'A' financial credit rating.
It is really important that you know exactly what your gap insurance policy will and will not cover. There is no shortcut and instead the only real way to know how your gap insurance policy will perform is to read your policy terms and conditions. Please pay particular attention to the sections which refer to what your policy will pay from and to.

Finding out how your performs protects you when you make a gap claim can make a massive difference. In some cases this can mean losing out on the amount that you are offered. 

The recently introduced 5 star rating is a good start but not the end of the story. The are options which the 5 star criteria does not take into account that can also make a substantial difference into how any settlement is treated and the usability of the policy so always where possible look deeper. For example who gets paid, who makes that decision? Can you defer the start date and can you cancel your policy or are you forced to take another policy to recoup any costs? 
Compare the claim limit that you are being quoted for. Please do not forget that the claim limit is the maximum amount that you will ever be paid from your gap insurance policy. No matter which level of protection and no matter how long you have cover for.

Sometimes especially if you are buying your gap insurance from your dealership they may not have mentioned a claim limit. this is normally because they only have access to fixed policies. However if your are comparing levels of cover on -line it is important to make sure that the claim limit is the same.

No matter how tempted you are to save by down grading your claim limit we would urge you not to. Yes it may save three, four of perhaps ten pounds now however should you ever need to make a claim the difference could cost you thousands and thousands so always ask what claim limit you are being quoted for.
We all want quality, reliability and value for money, but a normal, natural human reaction is that a more expensive gap insurance policy has to be better sometimes simply because the price difference is so large.

If our gap insurance price is sometimes as much as 90% less than main stream garages and local dealerships and even up to 25% less than other on-line providers there must be a difference.

After all we are constantly told that you only ever get what you pay for and that cheap invariable means nasty. There are differences as to why our prices are lower and it has no connection to your policy. Differences in rates of insurance premium tax and buy power means that our prices will always be lower.  With 5 star rated policies, fully regulated, backed by the FSCS and underwritten by a major force within the UK insurance markets we can assure you that there is no dilution of cover. 

Instead buying an Easy Gap Insurance policy simply means that you are making your finances go further and getting better value for money.