How much will a Gap Insurance Policy Cost?

At Easy Gap we understand that especially today we all want genuine value for money and to know that we are making every penny work hard. No matter what your circumstances, no matter which type of vehicle you have bought it is important to know that you are getting value for money.

If you local dealership has quoted you for gap insurance you may have been quoted anywhere from  the national average of £395.00 for a standard three year return to invoice policy to a staggering £800 and in some cases higher.

Is this the market rate for a gap insurance policy?

How much should a gap insurance policy cost?

Again we completely understand However we would also point out that price alone can and should never be the only factor.

Instead we would also ask you compare levels of policies, terms and conditions. After all the real acid test of any insurance policy is what happens when you need to make a claim.

So before you buy any gap insurance policy always make sure that you compare terms and conditions.

If you are buying gap insurance the cost or price you pay unlike other forms of industry is no reflection of the level of cover, quality or features. Instead the price you may is in most cases simply and indication about where you have bought your policy from as opposed to the true gage what your policy will do for you when you need to make a claim.

The reasons are very simple, if you buy gap insurance from your dealership they will be charging you insurance premium tax at the same rate as VAT at 20%, however, when purchasing independently you are only charged the standard rate of IPT which is traditionally a lot lower than VAT.

Also the volume of policies we provide means that we use our buying power to negotiate special prices with big named insurance companies.

Lastly, we believe in taking financial pressures to sell policies away from our customer support staff. We you will be pleased to know that none of our team member are ever paid a commission what so ever on any policies they provide. Instead any bonus are based on rates of customer service.

When you compare on line gap insurance costs against dealerships you can really save up to 85% with no dilution of cover.

Cheap gap insurance! No we prefer to call it simply better value for money!
The cost of your gap insurance policy will depend on many different factors.

For example how long you want cover for?
What you will be using your vehicle for?
How old your vehicle is?
What is the maximum claim limit you want?
Which level of gap insurance you want to buy?

Why not simply click for an instant quote and our automated system will guide you through and eliminate various levels of cover and instead highlight levels of protection for you to consider. Or if you would prefer why not call a member of the team who will be able to advise you about how various level of gap insurance work and openly discuss your options.

As part of our company ethos you will be pleased to know that no matter if you buy gap insurance online or speak to a member of the team the price will be exactly the same.

Before you buy gap Insurance else where why not see just how the compare to our levels of cover?

Please remember that all our policy features are clearly displayed and always written in black and white.

No gimmicks just real value for money and that we price check on regular basis to ensure that you are always quoted our best price first time each and every time.

That said we are human so in the unlikely event that you do find a cheaper quotation simply contact us and we will beat it. Again as you would expect from Easy Gap, no fuss, no drama.

In fact at Easy Gap we don't like to match quotes instead we prefer to beat them and guarantee that you will not pay more for any of our feature rich, all inclusive policies than you would from one of our competitors!