About EasyGap.co.uk & Aequitas Automotive Limited

EasyGap.co.uk is an online trading name of Aequitas Automotive Limited.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd was formed many years ago by a group of colleagues and senior managers who had responsible, well respected senior positions in large, well established and reputable companies. We were proud of our achievements and have won many awards within the motor, finance and insurance industries.

After many years of growth the Aequitas 'brand' now includes a number of complimentary online facilities that have followed our original Easy Gap platform. Today GapInsurance123, Shortfall.co.uk, Totallossgap.co.uk and TyreInsurance123 allow us to combine the products of a number of insurers to give our customers an (we think) unparalleled choice in the UK today. Aequitas House, Aequitas Automotive Ltd

Aequitas Automotive Ltd operates out of our headquarters at Aequitas House on the banks of the River Mersey, on the Wirral Peninsula. Aequitas House is situated in the traditional financial and professional area of Wirral and is a five store, Grade 1 listed building. 

However, over time we became more and more disgruntled with company politics and profit margins and direction. We wanted Utopia where everyone was offered tried and tested products, excellent customer service and real value for money. 

Easy Gap is Part of the Aequitas Automotive Limited family.

As such our company ethos may seam simple but it is something that we take very seriously and something that is forefront in all aspects of our business, customer service and trading practices.

We want each and every one of our valued customers to know exactly what they are buying, what it will do, when it will happen and what options they have. This is not just when you are buying a policy instead this is right the way though the policies life time. From cancelations, to transfers, claims handling and loyalty discounts we will be honest up front and fair. 
"We are fair, open, transparent and honest in all we do. No gimmicks, no fuss just genuine quality and real value for money."

We take the FCA rules, regulations and guidelines so serious that we employ an independent company called Automotive Compliance Ltd to oversee all that we do. In line with our company ethos we also totally adhere to the "Treating Customer Fairly Ethos".

This is by no means and "easy option" , and we have very precise and exacting standards. Some of the biggest names in the UK have 'Appointed Representative' status, rather than being directly suthorised.

As such we are an Appointed Representative of Automotive Compliance Ltd and our FRN Number is 541186. You can confirm this by visiting the FCA website, where you can simply type in our registration number.

Here you will be able to check our FCA history and complaints record which we hasten to add is exemplary.

The British Insurance Brokers Association ( BIBA ) for short is a prestigious origination and we are honored to be members.  In fact they recently merged with the IIB in November 2011 and now have over 2000 members making BIBA the largest representation in the UK at the moment.

BIBA also helps over 400,000 customers find insurance each year from reputable brokers and associations.

Our BIBA Number is 006652 In fact we are so proud that you will see the BIBA logo on the edge of your screen.

As BIBA's Moto States " The Best Insurance is a BIBA Broker"

The Information Commissionaires Office (ICO) is a government body that monitors how your information is used, stored and processed. There are strict guidelines in how your information is used and processed from external security features to ensured that only the relevant members of staff have access.

At Aequitas we think that we have taken this one stage further and have made a conscious decision to respect our customer privacy.

This is why none of your information is ever passed on, sold , given or used by any third party for any third party marketing. In fact we will never contact you unless you have asked us to.We do have a moral and legal obligation to inform you when a quotation or policy is about to expire but this is always done by email and no follow up calls are ever made.

We have a valid consumer credit licence and they are registered with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

You can confirm this is by visting the Office of Fair Trading website and typing in our registration number which is 561686.

Alternatively you can write to them at;
Enquiries and Reporting Centre
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square

On company was built on the grounds of having you our customers and policy holders at the very core of our business.

We know have a company where customers where treated with respect and honesty like human beings not reference numbers. This is not to say that all large companies are not doing a good job. Far from it, some companies provide fantastic levels of service but the pressure is always present to maintain the profit margins.

Like our company name "Aequitas", who was the Roman god of fair trade, we wanted a fair deal for everyone, no tricks, gimmicks and fuss just genuine dependable policy features at real value for money prices. When you buy your gap insurance easygap.co.uk that is exactly what you are getting! It has taken a lot of hard work by our dedicated team and over the years we have grown from strength to strength none of which would have been possible without the patronage of our thousands and thousands of many loyal and valued customers and website visitors.

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