Nissan in 2014

Nissan in 2014


The Japanese manufacturer Nissan has gone from 'zero to hero' in the last 18 months as models such as the Leaf, Juke and Qashqai dominate certain markets. The two Nissan crossover models in the form of the Qashqai and the Juke have become a regular feature within the top ten best selling vehicles within markets such as the UK.


The success of the models has resulted in the promotion of the Nissan models through the old fashion form, word of mouth. The Nissan name and brand has arguably become one of the most popular brands within the UK and models such as the Note and the Leaf have only benefitted from the mass amount of purchase made by the UK motorists.


The electric car market within the UK has seen sales double in the past 12 months and the Nissan Leaf has profited from the change in popularity. The Japanese manufacturer has also become a firm favourite within the UK following the mass amount of jobs available within the North East plant, following the successful year that broke a number of British production records.


The Japanese manufacturer has used the success of the crossover models to promote the sporting technology of the performance arm Nismo. The Nismo name and brand has been used in the latest developments of the Skyline model as the firm look to break a number of production car records. The performance are performs in a similar way to that of the performance arm at Mercedes in the AMG brand.


The Nismo brand have already released a sporty and performance based Juke model which has allowed the Japanese base brand to expand the successful range of models in growing markets such as the United Kingdom. As well as the expanded range of Juke models, the Qashqai range of models is also set to change as a new Nissan Qashqai model looks to join the market in 2014.


The Qashqai model along with the Juke invented the crossover range of models and originally based the models in markets such as Australia. The models were that much of a hit, that they were then transferred across the globe and into what was a struggling European car market.


The new and updated Qashqai model will look to build on the success of the previous crossover models and combat the new challenges from rival manufacturers. Rival manufacturers such as Vauxhall and Ford have seen the brand rise to the success and sales within the crossover market and therefore decided to rival the brand with crossover models of their own.


The Vauxhall brand remains one of the biggest challengers within the United Kingdom with the Mokka model, whilst the Ford EcoSport model only holds a small amount of market share. Arguably, the biggest and closest rival to the crossover models at Nissan, may well be the Kia Sportage. The Kia Sportage model has also been likened to the very successful Range Rover Evoque model and remain the biggest rival to the Nissan Qashqai.