Security Online with Aequitas Automotive Limited

Your security online is very important as anyone who has ever been a victim of identity theft will understand.

Entering your details on a website is not only a matter of trust, in that you expect to make a payment and receive the goods or services that you are buying, but also we think that you should be able to do so in complete confidence.

Buying in a safe and secure environment takes a lot of work and we have a number of systems in place from online security or physical barriers, as well as, an unquestioning commitment to ensure that even when you speak to a member of the team your personal information will only be handled in the strictest confidence.

 At Easy Gap security is imperative.

Our new technology system will ensure that any information that you type into our website is encrypted and also scrambled, therefore, if any individual outside of the system where successful and gained access would not be able to use it in any way. Verisign then automatically and without warning scan and patrol our system to ensure that no-one is attempting to gain access.

Even in our own security systems our building is maintained by an impressive array of security from padlocked entrance to the car park to passcode only entry into our offices, from password protected systems to internal and external alarms.

After all your security is also our security and something that we would never take any risks with at any cost.

Being part of Aequitas Automotive, we at Easy Gap ensure that your data will not be used, sold or passed on to any other party for marketing purposes. As you may have read elsewhere, Aequitas is the god of fair trade and honesty and we believe that being fair and upfront to our customers is the only way.

In fact we will not contact you unless you ask us to. We are not ignoring you and we most certainly have not forgotten about you instead we are simply trying to respect your privacy.

You will be sent emails on the run up to you policy expiring as we would like you to be aware that you cover is about to finish and yes we would be more than happy if you choose to buy another. 

We are only ever a click or a call away, please remember that whilst we want to actively respect your privacy we are more than happy to help in any way you consider appropriate.
Everytime you enter your credit card details into a system or provide them over the phone, the company or organisation that you are dealing with, should be completely payment system compliant.

This means that the information you enter is kept away from prying eyes and then destroyed when used. If you click the "Quote" button you will see a badge labelled Trust Wave. This is a totally independent system that will act alongside Verisign and will ensure that the personal information you enter is completely secure.

Even when you provide your credit card number to a member of the team, this is loaded directly onto a virtual terminal and the second that they press the button to move to the next screen and complete the transaction their system is completely cleansed. 
Almost every day we are subject to the news of an individual being a victim of fraud, due to the improper use of their credit or debit card online. Therefore, it is no surprise that you will be checking up on every website you purchase from including ourselves here at Easy Gap.

However, through the form of a number of different processes, we can ensure that our system is more than secure and you can purchase a policy with complete confidence.

Online websites are a constant target for hackers, therefore as an added security measure, our website is independently checked everyday to ensure that no-one has tried to insert, download or hack into the system. You can be rest assured that the information you submit to the website remains both safe and secure. 
Why buy Gap Insurance from with Easy Gap with peace of mind?