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Isuzu models may not be as readily available as they once were within the UK and this may be as a detriment to yourself and your finances. Due to the manufacturer no longer offering a vast range of models in the UK car market, the remaining models will suffer in terms of severe rates of depreciation.

Industry experts have recently released a report which states that the average vehicle will lose as much as half of the vehicles original value within the first 36 months of ownership. However, models that are not as popular as others may lose out on even more value. This could have a detrimental effect on your finances if your model was ever declared a total loss.

This is because your motor insurer is only liable to pay you the market value of your vehicle on the day it was declared a total loss rather than the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle or the cost to replace the Isuzu model. This is where Gap Insurance can help you.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance and what it can do for you and Isuzu?

Vehicle Replacement Insurance is the most recent brand of Gap Insurance, this may be the first time that you have heard of vehicle replacement insurance, due to the fact that the majority of Isuzu dealerships will only offer you a return to invoice policy.

Vehicle replacement insurance would pay the difference between your Isuzu's valuation on the day it was written off and the amount of money that you would need to spend to buy another Isuzu the same age, mileage and specification as yours was on the day that you collected it from the dealership. If that model is not longer available then settlement would be based on the superseding model even if the price has gone up.

Compared to return to invoice, vehicle replacement insurance protects you from inflation as well as depreciation, as to buy an equivalent car may be more in a few years. In terms of comparing this level of cover to Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, you could protect yourself from inflation to the cost of a new model as well as the depreciation to your Isuzu.

Why choose Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for your Isuzu?

Isuzu dealerships will offer you the most common form of gap insurance policies in the form of return to invoice cover and will more than likely quote you somewhere in the region of £395.00 which is the national average cost of Gap Insurance in the UK.

Soon after purchasing your Isuzu, like any other vehicle or manufacturer will more than likely begin to depreciate in market value. This depreciation in market value is a danger with an estimated 600,000 cars being written off each year what would happen if you happened to be one of them?

If your Isuzu was written off please remember that your own motor insurance company will only ever pay you what your vehicle is worth on the day it is written off rather than its invoice price you paid all those years ago. Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will ensure that you receive the full invoice price that you paid for the vehicle.

What is Finance and Contract hire Gap insurance for Isuzu

Like many other people you may have gone for the extremely popular option of acquiring your Isuzu through Finance or Contract hire.

Please remember that some vehicles including your Isuzu are estimated to lose up to 50% of their original value within the first three years alone. This means that your motor insurance companies settlement is often thousands of pounds less than you need to be able to clear your outstanding finance, which without any form of gap insurance you are still liable for.

With Finance and contract hire Gap insurance for your Isuzu, along with your motor insurance, you can ensure that if something terrible like this does happen to you your Finance and contract hire Gap insurance policy will pay out the remaining outstanding balance owed on your vehicle.

Leaving you to worry about more important things like organising a new car. With finance and contract hire gap insurance for your Isuzu from as little as £39.00 inclusive of IPT is it really is not worth the risk?

Isuzu originally formed in 1916, when a Shipbuilding and Engineering company named Tokyo Ishikawajima decided to branch out and build Cars. The first production car the A-9 was first built and distributed in 1922. The new CP truck came just two years later and was mass produced to the volume of 550.

The name Isuzu first came about in the year 1934 after the products marketed as Sumiya and Chiyoda were renamed Isuzu after the Isuzu River. The word Isuzu translates into English as “fifty bells”.

In 1949 the company changed the name to Isuzu and grew from strength to strength after doing so. Isuzu were just a small car producer and needed to collaborate with other car manufacturers in order to achieve the success it had planned. In 1966 then, the company formed an alliance with Fuji Heavy Industries formally known in the motor industry as Subaru.

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