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Do you want to protect the value of your Land Rover with Gap Insurance?

Land Rover models are amongst the most prestigious in the UK car market at this current moment in time. However, like any other model they are very much susceptible to depreciation which could leave you financially vulnerable should your Land Rover be written off.

If your Land Rover was ever declared a total loss then your motor insurer are only ever liable to pay you the market value of your vehicle on that day. This could leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket which is why Gap Insurance is here to prevent such a thing from happening.
What can Vehicle Replacement insurance do to help protect your Land Rover?

Vehicle replacement is possibly the most comprehensive level of protection and is not normally offered by main dealers.  At Easy Gap we think that this is because unlike other levels of gap insurance it can at first glance seem confusing.

This is because instead of simply protecting a tangible amount for example the original invoice price you paid or the amount you have taken on finance, you are in effect protecting a standard of vehicle.

Vehicle replacement will pay the difference between the valuation of your Land Rover on the day it is written off and the amount of money that you would need to spend to buy another Land Rover the same ag,e mileage and specification as your Land Rover was on the day you drove it way from your dealership.

Why should you buy Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for your Land Rover?

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance is more than likely to have been the form of Gap Insurance offered to you within your Land Rover dealership. This is due to the fact that this form of protection is the most common protection within dealership networks up and down the country.

In essence if something happens between your two insurance companies you are paid back the original amount you paid as shown on your invoice. From this you can clear finance if necessary and then the surplus funds, the deposit you paid and the equity you have is your to do with as you see fit.

This form of Gap Insurance is ideal for those who would like a concrete number to protect or for those who have purchased their vehicle through the form of a financial agreement as well as placing a large deposit on the vehicle.
What is Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance and how can it help protect your Land Rover.

Finance and contract hire gap insurance is the oldest and yet still one of the most popular forms of gap insurance. We think in part that this is because it is so simple to understand.

Finance gap insurance pays the difference between your Land Rovers valuation and the outstanding finance. This could be outstanding finance or in the case of contract hire outstanding rentals. This means that you can walk away from your old Land Rover with no further financial liability. Don't forget that it will not cover any amount for arrears or late payment charges or road fund license.

Don't forget that if your Land Rover is written off that is not the end of your finance or contract hire agreement. No matter how sympathetic your contract hire company or finance house they will have an outstanding amount they they will need to clear. 

Land Rover is a British four wheel auto mobile manufacturer, owned by the Indian company Tata Motors. Originally founded in 1878 by the Rover company, the name Land Rover was first actually used for a specific vehicle model, the first series which was launched in 1948. Maurice Wilks, an employee of the Rover Company designed the first prototype after being inspired by the American counterpart Jeep. Following the success of the first series, Land Rover has manufactured a range of impressive models, such as the Defender, Discovery, Freelander and the Range Rover Series.

Land Rover, as part of the Rover Company has been controlled by a range of auto mobile manufacturers over its history  The first being the take over by the British Leyland Motors Corporation in 1967, then by British Aerospace in 1988, BMW in 1994 who divided the Rover group and sold the Land Rover range to the American auto mobile giant Ford, who then finally sold Land Rover to the Indian company, Tata motors.

Land Rover have manufacturing facilities across the world including, Spain, India, Iran, Brazil, Turkey, China. It has two UK production facilities in Halewood, Liverpool and Birmingham. Tata motors intend to move more production to China in the near future leaving the future of the UK plants unknown.

Land Rover have announced that a new Defender Challenge special edition model will be released this year. The model will also be released alongside the price tag of £50,000. As well as the special edition Defender model, Land Rover are also expected to release a new DC 100 model sometime this year.

The Land Rover manufacturer has become one of the most in-demand brands worldwide as sales of the likes of the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport increase in emerging markets such as the US and the Chinese.

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