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Easy Gap provides a range of Gap Insurance products that have been featured by the likes of Which? and carry premiums that could save you hundreds of pounds in comparison to your Mazda dealer. Unlike many Mazda dealers, we offer a full range of Gap Insurance options for your new vehicle. These will include Finance and Contract Hire Gap, Combined Return to Invoice, or even full Vehicle Replacement Gap.

Easy Gap options for your Mazda also carry features often not found with your motor dealer alternatives. For example, you could choose to defer your Gap Insurance if you have replacement cover already on your motor insurance policy. We also offer the chance to transfer your Easy Gap policy, should you change your vehicle before the end of the policy term.

Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance for Mazda

Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance is not commonly offered by your motor dealer, but is probably the most comprehensive type of Gap Insurance. It is deemed as being the most comprehensive level of cover due to the covers ability to protect both the depreciation to your vehicle as well as the appreciation to the cost of a new one.

Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance ensures that If your car is written off or stolen, after your motor insurance company has paid you what your Mazda was worth on that day, this type of Gap insurance will pay the amount of money you need to be able to purchase the same exact standard of Mazda that you first drove away from the showroom in, same age, mileage etc even if the purchase price has increased.
Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and how it can help you and your Mazda?

Mazda dealerships up and down the UK are prone to offer Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, whether that be with a different name such as back to invoice, invoice plus or invoice gap to name a few. This form of Gap Insurance does exactly as it suggests and that is return you to your invoice price.

Return to Invoice Gap protection will pay you the difference between your own motor insurance settlement (likely to be the market value of the vehicle) and the original invoice price that you paid for the vehicle. This will ensure that the full purchase price that you paid for the car is back with yourself. It also confirms that you have the ability to clear any outstanding finance and the full balance, deposit and equity is yours to do with as you please.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap insurance for Mazda

This form of Gap protection was the original form of protection and many still know and label it as Gap Insurance itself. Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance has been designed for those who have purchased their vehicle through the form of a financial agreement and have the desire to protect any outstanding payments in the event of the vehicle being written off.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap will protect the difference between the market value of your vehicle on the day it is written off or declared a total loss (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the amount you have outstanding on your finance agreement. You then have the ability to walk away from the vehicle with no financial liability.

Toyo Cork Kogyo or Mazda as it is known today is a Japanese auto mobile manufacturing company founded in 1921 in Hiroshima, Japan. It was renamed Mazda in 1931 after its founded Jujior Matsuda and Ahura Mazda, the God of light and Wisdom, however the company did not formally adopt the Mazda name until 1984.

Mazda first began manufacturing machine tools and drilling equipment and also supplied the Japanese military with weaponry during the World War Two, most notably with the type 99 rifle. Despite this, World War Two prevented any serious development of the Japanese manufacturing company auto mobile sector. Mazda produced its first auto mobile in 1960, the R360 coupe which was soon developed into the more modern model in 1964, the Familia, who’s success paved the way for Mazda to become the third biggest car manufacturer in Japan.

From 1979 to 2010, the Japanese auto mobile manufacturer partnered with its American ally, the Ford Motor Company, which resulted in great success, most notably with the extension of its auto mobile resume. Mazda-Ford continues to enjoy a productive working relationship after Ford sold its stake in 2010 as the result of the struggling American economy.

This time last year we at Easy Gap brought you the news of a deal between Mazda and Fiat to built the next generation of MX-5 and Alfa Romeo Spider alonside each other. However, 12 months on it seems that the MX-5 is close to being unveiled whilst its thought that the Fiat brand have decided to give the new roadster model to the Abarth brand rather than Alfa.

As well as the MX-5 model, Mazda have also recently announced that a new 6 model will also be released in the coming months as it looks to continue the success of the previous generation of 6 models.

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