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Why protect your Lexus at Easy Gap?

It is a common occurrence for a dealership in the UK to introduce Gap Insurance to a customer and offer them three years cover at a price of somewhere in the region of £395, which is the national average for dealerships in the UK. However, it is highly likely that they will have not explained the protection to your satisfaction and that you wished to carry out further research into both the ability of the cover and the price.

At Easy Gap we aim to answer your questions with easy to understand information as well as offering levels of cover and terms at prices for your Lexus that cannot be rivalled.

How can Vehicle Replacement Insurance help your Lexus?

Vehicle Replacement Insurance is the most unique, individual and up to date form of gap insurance and this may be the first time that you have heard of vehicle replacement insurance, due to the fact that the majority of dealerships only offering you other forms of gap insurance, the most popular being Return to Invoice.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance is described as being the most exclusive level of cover due to the ability of being able to protect both the depreciation to your Lexus and the appreciation to the cost of purchasing a new one. As you may know, due to depreciation your vehicle like any other will be losing value every second and in fact, after three years of ownership your vehicle may lose as much as 50%.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance will pay you the difference between the market value of your vehicle on the day it was declared a total loss (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the cost to replace you Lexus with the same model, age, mileage, specification etc as yours was.
Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for Lexus

As stated in other sources on this page, it is more than likely that your dealership will have offered you Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, although it may have been labelled something different such as invoice plus or back to invoice. This form of Gap Insurance is the most popular within dealerships up and down the UK.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will cover the difference between the market value of your vehicle on the day it was written off (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the original invoice price that you paid for your Lexus. Gap Insurance is designed to put you back in the financial position you were previously in prior to the purchase of your vehicle.

This type of cover will give you the ability to clear any outstanding finance as well as having the full balance, deposit and equity to do with what you see fit.
Why protect yourself with Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance?

For example, if you have recently purchased a brand new Lexus Is Convertible 250c Advance 2 door according to What Car? you will have paid something in the region of £36,836, and within the first year it is estimated to be worth just £22,374 and in 4 years time it will be worth little over £12,900. As you can see the financial repercussions could be devastating should your Lexus be declared a total loss.

Finance and contract hire gap insurance policy will pay the difference between the 'market value' of your car on the day it was written off and the outstanding finance you have left to pay or in the case of contract hire your outstanding financial liability.

Your comprehensive insurer will only ever pay the market value of your vehicle and we as your policy providers will pay the outstanding finance left on your vehicle. However, if your motor insurer does not offer the market value, as long as we have the ability to negotiate, it will not affect your claim.

Lexus is a luxury auto mobile marquee of the Japanese auto maker Toyota Motor Corporation.

Founded in 1989 as the result of a secret meeting by Toyota company executives, the marquee was founded with the aim to design and manufacturer a unique luxury vehicle for the US market which would compete against Toyota's competitor’s luxury models. The founding project was named F1, representing the aim to design and manufacturer a flagship model which would become a number one seller. Toyota invested a remarkable $1 billion in research and design. The executives even rented a house on Laguna Beach in Californian were they would observe the lifestyles of America’s upper class.

The first model was LS 400 in 1989, a five seat saloon. In 1993, Lexus released the GS line and also the second generation LS 400, again to great successes. 2014 models now include the likes of the IS, CT, GS, RX and the new LS.

The company began to export to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and Australia and became a leading world luxury brand, despite struggling in the European markets.

Towards the end of 2013 we brought you the news of Lexus and owners Toyota opening an online shop on ebay. The two mass market manufacturers will offer official products and parts for customers in the UK. Since then the Lexus brand have released a number of models including the firms attempt at joining the 4x4 market.

The new Lexus NX 4x4 has made a considerable impact since joining the market and the firm are rumoured to be developing a range of models to back up the success of the NX 4x4 model in markets such as the UK. The firm have officially revealed the next generation Lexus NX model at the Beijing Motor Show most recently.

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