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Why choose Easy Gap to protect your Peugeot?

If you have recently purchased your Peugeot from your local dealership, you will have probably been introduced to Gap Insurance and like so many of our Easy Gap customers decided to carry out further research online. If you simply click through to get a quote, you will find that we can offer you Gap Insurance at more than a competitive price. 

To understand how the different levels work, you must first understand why you would need Gap Insurance. Your Peugeot like any other model is susceptible to losing value, this is known as market value depreciation. If your Peugeot was declared a total loss, your motor insurer is only liable to pay you the market value of your vehicle on that day. This can result in a massive financial gap that needs protecting.
How can Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance protect you and your Peugeot?
Vehicle Replacement Insurance is the latest form of protection for you to choose from and has been described by many in the market as being the most exclusive level of cover. This is because this form of protection can not only protect you from the effects of depreciation but also the appreciation to the cost to purchase a new Peugeot.

As you may well be aware, car prices tend to increase year on year due to a number of factors including inflation and a fluctuation in exchange rates.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance will pay you the difference between the market value of your vehicle and the cost to replace the vehicle with the same make, model, manufacturer and specification as yours was on the day of purchase.
Return to invoice Gap insurance for Peugeot.

Accidents happen cars are stolen. After your health, which always has to be the primary concern one of the most important things is knowing that you are completely financially secure. We don't think anyone could think of worse situation to find yourself in than after having such a traumatic ordeal, to find that you you are out of pocket by hundreds if not many thousands of pounds. Your vehicle loses value the longer you have it, your motor insurance will only cover the valuation of your car on the day it is written off.

This is where Return to invoice Gap insurance can help, as with your motor insurance, gap insurance cover will ensure that you will be reimbursed with the amount that you originally paid for your vehicle, meaning that financial strains will be taken off you with regards to being able to afford a new car. This form fo cover will ensure that the financial gap between your insurance settlement (i.e the market value) and the original invoice price that you have paid for your Peugeot is returned to yourself.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance for Peugeot

If you have purchased your Peugeot through a finance package directly linked to your vehicle on contract hire, then you may be surprised to know that if anything happens to your vehicle, such as it is stolen or written off you are still liable for any amount over and above your Peugeot's valuation on the day it is written off and the amount that you still have outstanding on finance.

However, Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance can help as it would pay the difference between your Peugeot's valuation on the day it was written off and simply clear the amount outstanding on finance.

Equally if your Peugeot was paid for using a form of contract hire even thought your finance company may call it something completely different it is still a physical financial amount that you need to pay before you can walk away from our old Peugeot with no further financial liability.
Peugeot is a leading French auto mobile marquee of PSA Peugeot Citroen, Europe’s second largest auto mobile manufacturer company after the German Volkswagen Group.

The history of Peugeot dates back to 1810 to a region in Eastern France, Sochaux. Jean-Pierre Peugeot who is considered to be the father of Peugeot founded the family manufacturing business that produced coffee, pepper and salt. Armand Peugeot paved the way for the business to expand into the vehicle market in 1882 with the production of bicycles. The family would introduce its first petrol fuelled auto mobile in 1901, the type 1 model which was the first car of to be fitted with rubber tires. The French auto mobile company was now firmly established and even entered the UK market in 1905.

In 1929, Peugeot expanded as a company with its first mass produced car, the 201 model which was a huge success. This paved the way for the successful 301, 401 and 601 range, all launching throughout the 1930’s. This unusual, iconic numbering system of three digits with a zero in the middle would become well known throughout the auto mobile industry.

Peugeot have been making a large number of changes to the operations and the manufacturing procedures in the past 12 months as it looks to return back to the top of the best selling car charts. A number of concept models have been designed including the new Peugeot Exalt which seems to be the most eye catching and exciting concept.

As well as the new concept models, Peugeot along with Citroen and Toyota have built and released the second generation of small city cars. Peugeot have released the brand new 108 model which is set to give the French manufacturer a big boost in markets such as the UK car market.

Puegeot have also won the European Car of the Year 2014 with the new 308 model. The model has been amongst the most successful models in the European car market and continue to feature in the top ten best selling models.
How can Easy Gap protect your Peugeot?