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Why protect your Subaru with Gap Insurance from Easy Gap?

Your Subaru vehicle, like any other, will be capable of losing as much as 50% in value in just three years of ownership. Industry experts have analysed both current and past rates of depreciation across a vast range of makes and models and found that the average vehicle will lose as much as half of its original value in the first three years.

If your vehicle is then declared a total loss by your motor insurer, they will only pay you the market value of your vehicle on that day. This could leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket. However, Gap Insurance from Easy Gap can bridge that gap.
How can Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance help you bridge the gap?

This form of protection has been described as being the most comprehensive form of Gap Insurance, due to the ability of the policy to protect you from both, the depreciation to the value of your vehicle and the appreciation to the cost to purchase a brand new Subaru model.

Put simply, Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance will pay you the difference between your motor insurance settlement (i.e the market value) and the amount it costs to replace your Subaru with the same model, age, mileage and specification as yours was on the day of purchase. This will ensure that any discount you have received is protected and that you have the ability to purchase the exact same standard of vehicle in the vent of your vehicle being declared a total loss.
Why choose Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for your Subaru?

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance tends to be the most popular form of protection within dealership networks across the UK, in fact, it is highly likely that you will have been offered this form of Gap Insurance within your dealership. However, the price may have prevented you from purchasing the cover.

Here at Easy Gap you can purchase the same level of cover for a fraction of the price. There is no compromise in the service, ability, claim capabilities or policy extras and instead we believe you will probably getting a lot more for your money.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will cover the difference between the market value of your vehicle (i.e your motor insurance settlement) and the original invoice price that you paid for your Subaru model. Therefore, you have the ability to clear any outstanding finance and the balance, deposit and equity is yours.

How can Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance help you and your Subaru?

This version of Gap Insurance was the first form of Gap Insurance to have been created. It was designed and formed in the US and made its way across the atlantic before the millenium. Still today, many people believe that this is the only form of Gap Insurance to choose from.

Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance has been designed for those who have purchased their vehicle through the form of a financial agreement and only have the desire to clear the finance in the event of your Subaru being written off or stolen. Put simply, this form of protection will cover the difference between the market value of your Subaru on the day it was declared a total loss and the amount of finance you have outstanding on the vehicle.
Subaru is a Japanese auto mobile manufacturing company and part of the Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) group.

To the interest of many, the name Subaru is the Japanese name for the pleiades star cluster,otherwise known as the seven sisters.

The history of the Japanese auto maker dates back to 1915, when it was first known as the Aircraft Research Laboratory Company. The company was later reorganized into the Nakajima Aircraft Company were it became the leading military aircraft supplier to Japan during the Second World War. In 1950, the company was again reorganized into the Fuji Sangyo Co group which established the Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) division in 1953.

FHI first began to manufacturer aircraft parts but later decided to branch out into the auto mobile industry in 1954 with its first Subaru model, the 1500, also known as the P1. Although the production of this model had to be suspended due to financial difficulties, this model paved the way for later successful models such as the 360 and 1000.

Most recently, the Japanese manufacturer have performed a complete U-turn in terms of their plans for the UK car market. Subaru announced that the range of models available in the Uk will be extended along with the BRZ model taking a price cut in an attempt to earn a stronger hold on the market.

Subaru have also confirmed that the much loved and very much the flagship Impreza model, will be returning to the UK in the near future. As well as the return of the Impreza, Subaru have also confirmed that a brand new WRX model will also be returning to the UK along with a smaller pricetag.
Why choose Gap Insurance from Easy Gap for your Subaru?