Buy Combination Return to Invoice Gap Insurance

Combined Return to Invoice is the most well know form of gap insurance is the UK today. Statistically if your motor dealer has spoken to you about 'gap insurance' it is likely it is Return to Invoice that they have described. 

What is a Combined Return to Invoice policy and what can it do for you?

If your vehicle is 'written off' by your insurance company, either in an accident, stolen or in a fire, then your insurer will pay the value of your vehicle at that time, taking into account its age and mileage.

Your Combined Return to Invoice cover will pay from their settlement figure to the original invoice price you paid (or the outstanding finance settlement if that is higher, which is rarely the case).

What is Return to Invoice Gap Insurance?

Back to Invoice Gap Insurance as this level of cover is sometimes called does exactly as it suggests it takes you back to the orginal invoice price you have paid. However as our policies are combined they also include an aspect of finance gap insurance. This means that if your vehicle is 'written off' then your policy will top up your insurance settlement back to the original invoice price you paid or the amount outstanding on finance which ever is the higher.

In plain English if you allow our claims team to negotiate directly with your own insurance company before you accept their settlement then between your two insurance policies you will be paid the full invoice price. From this you can clear any finance if necessary and then the balance of the funds you have paid, the equity to accrued while making your payments is yours. 

What can you expect from an Easy Gap Combination return to invoice policy?

With many gap insurance providers calling their levels of gap insurance return to invoice, surly there can not be many differences?
Sorry no! However, as is often the case, the devil is in the detail and that certainly is the case with an insurance policy. The most important aspect of your cover therefore has to be the policy terms and conditions. These are the documents which will show in black and white what your policy will and will not cover. At Easy Gap Insurance we have spent a long time with the help and assistance of the insurer and administrators designing policies which are not only easy to understand, written in plain English and with as little industry jargon as possible, but are also as "all inclusive" as possible.

Policies are backed by the FSCS, and underwritten by one of the UK's largest and most prestigious insurers at some of the lowest if not the lowest prices in the UK it has to be Easy Gap.
In years gone by the only option for the purchase of a Gap Insurance policy was through the motor dealer who supplied you the vehicle. This meant that you had no chance to compare and consider your options for Gap, but in recent years the picture has changed. 

There are a number of specialist insurance brokers who now supply Gap Insurance products direct to the vehicle buying public. The Easy Gap brand is well known and established in this field, and has supplied thousands of customers with a variety of products over the last few years. The company that owns and operates Easy Gap, Aequitas Automotive Ltd, also own another leading Gap Insurance brand in GapInsurance123, giving us access to possibly the largest range of Gap Insurance products in the UK today.

Both Aequitas brands were highlighted in the Which Gap Insurance report in 2012, and the comparable quote undertaken by Which showed Aequitas brands gave the lowest UK premium quote in over 90% of cases.

You can buy Easy Gap Combination Back to Invoice gap insurance for the following types of vehicles;

Motorbikes - With no purchase price limitations and no increase of premium when compared to a similar priced car. Motorhomes - For vehicles up to 3500kgs GVW, and UK supplied. If your Motorhome exceeeds this weight please call us, we are a broker and may be able to find a suitable alternative cover. 

Cars - for vehicles up to 10 years old, UK supplied. Vans - LCV's up to 3500kgs GVW, even vehicles used for 'hire and reward'.

We can also cover Taxi's and Private Hire
cars, people carriers and UK supplied vehicle listed in Glass' Guide (and this may include some new London Taxi TX4 models)Driving School Vehicles - Learner drivers are covered with your 'driving school' option.

Your local dealership will always be more expensive then buying your gap insurance independently and it is not their fault. Instead the differences are in part mostly because of differences in rates of IPT, and economies of scale.

Saving on Insurance Premium Tax - Buy a Gap Insurance policy from an online supplier such as Easy Gap, and pay the standard rate of Insurance Premium Tax, which is traditionally lower than your local dealership, who is legally bound to charge you 20%.

Economies of scale. - This is often most easily explained if we look at your vehicle. We are sure that you have negotiated a good price and are happy with the purchase of your vehicle. However instead of buying one vehicle if instead you where buying 300,000 you would naturally expect to use your buying power to get the price per vehicle down. Most likely you would also make sure that they all had a free service pack, all had a full tank of fuel. This is exactly what we do, we use our buying power to get the prices low and our negotiating skills to insist on including extra benefits such as free of charge transfer.

Return to invoice gap insurance pays the difference between your insurance companies settlement and the higher of the either the invoice price you paid or the amount of money outstanding on finance.

You can transfer you policy free of charge to another eligible vehicle, you can defer the start date and even cancel with pro rata refunds.

At easy gap we also believe that no matter if the vehicle you are using is a motorbike, or to be used as a driving school, a taxi, private hire car or chauffeur you should still be able to enjoy the added peace of mind our policies can offer.

Simply click, answer the questions and buy online. Gap insurance as it should be - Easy!