The Jaguar F Type GT3 is spotted testing

In some exciting news today to make it's way out of the British car manufacturing company known as Jaguar, we are pleased to report on some of the latest breaking news which makes it's way to you in the form of the all new F Type GT3 model which has recently been spotted out and about undergoing it's first set of tests. Jaguar have been one of the most iconic companies in the car industry for many years now and have certainly demonstrated their desire to build the perfect performing car. Many of the mass manufacturer's models have taken both power and comfort into consideration and have had excellent results. We believe that this all new addition of the GT3 from what we know so far certainly delivers once again.


What we know so far about the Jaguar GT3

So what do we know about this car so far in regards to some key selling points, the engine and it's performance rates ?. With what we know so far we believe that this model is the ideal rival for that of the Porsche 911 and other top selling companies such as Audi and Mercedes. So firstly with a look into the engine and it's overall performance rates, we see the welcome addition of,a supercharged.V8,5.0 litre engine that is expected to produce 542 brake horse power with the 0 to 62mph dash taking an expected time of four seconds flat. Overall top speeds are believed to hit 186 miles per hour for this brand new Jaguar GT3 addition.


Other features that you can expect to receive when this car sees an official launch consist of, carbon ceramic brakes,carbon fibre components and all new bucket seats for the interior of the car.


The future of the Jaguar GT3 model

Sadly nothing has been announced as of yet regarding an expected launch time for the car itself or even a price tag. We believe though that the model will cost somewhere around the £110,000 price area with, more to be announced closer to the launch time.