Gap Insurance is it Worth It?

It is a question that comes up time after time. Many different people have many different opinions as to the need for Gap Insurance, therefore, we at Easy Gap have outlined some key points for discussion.

Gap Insurance is it worth it? - Fact - Gap Insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK - This point needs to be made, the decision on which type or even if you need it, is entirely yours.

Gap insurance is it worth it? - Fact - Around 600,000 vehicles are written off in the UK every year. What are the chances of it happening to you? How many people do you know who have had their vehicle written off in an accident or stolen?

Gap Insurance is it worth it? - Fact - The online cost for a 3 year gap insurance policy is normally less than a single months depreciation on a reasonably new car.

It is fair to say, you may opt for Gap Insurance and never have use for it. However, having a vehicle written off is not a great position to be in. You may have outstanding finance or if you have paid cash, you might have to dip into your savings to replace the vehicle. Even at the best of times this could be difficult, but why do so when you can protect yourself with Gap Insurance?

It is interesting that the cost of Gap premiums in dealerships are normally much higher than those available online. However, the uptake in Gap sales can be as high as 50% in dealerships, despite the inflated premiums. It would suggest that buyers can see the benefit of the cover, even at those prices.

If you are reading this, it is likely that a dealer has already explained Gap Insurance to you and you are simply looking for a better deal.

The final decision to the debate Gap Insurance is it worth it?, Ultimately is yours. We hope that we have given you some thoughts to ponder. If you need any assistance or ideas on the most suitable cover for you, please contact us or simply take a quote and see how cheap piece of mind can be!

There are many more levels of cover available from Easy Gap so why not read through the guides. All we ever want is for you to be able to make an informed choice as to whether you want to benefit from gap insurance and if so, which level of cover gives you the most benefit for your circumstances.

Gap Insurance is it worth it? You decide!