New Mazda MX5 due in 2015

With the British summer threatening to emerge, the consumer fascination with convertible cars will always gather pace. If you are looking for a reasonably priced soft top vehicle, then one car comes up time and time again, the Mazda MX5. The model dates back to 1989, and in truth it has been so successful that its looks have changed very little in that time. It has been a huge hit with the UK consumer, and judging by the number of Easy Gap policies we have for MX 5's then we would say that is echoed with our customers too.

In 2015 an all new Mazda MX5 is due, and this time there is something a little different in the mix. As is commonplace with vehicle production these days, the new MX5 will be developed as part of a collaboration with Alfa Romeo. The Italian manuafcturer will produce the new Alfa Spider from the same steel structure as the MX5. However, once developed it is understood that the Spider and the MX5 will not share too much else in common. Perhaps it might be nice to get one of those rapsy Alfa engines in your next MX5., but that probably will not be the case.

Although prices are not yet know, it is unlikely to be the case that £20,000 will not get you a nice new 2015 Mazda MX5, much the same as the current pricing structure.

The new MX5 was revealed at the New York motor show last month, and lovers of the popular roadster were not disappointed.

Remember if you do put you name down for a brand new 2015 Mazda MX5, Easy Gap will provide you with a range of Gap Insurance options to protect your investment. We should be able to save you enough to spend on a few more nice extra's for you to enjoy too!