Mercedes AMG Develop New Engine

New Mercedes AMG GT Engine

Mercedes have this week created a media storm following the release of audio clips on you tube. The German mass market manufacturer has released clips that feature the sound of the newly developed 4.0 litre petrol engine.

The V8 engine is not yet been confirmed as being a 4.0 litre petrol engine, however, audio analysts insist that the model is most likely to have been a 4.0 litre engine. If the theories are correct then the engine would be capable of achieving as much as 500bhp.

The clips have also been released on the official AMG GT website with a number of blank slots issuing a coming soon plea. Mercedes announced that the model will join a number of hopefuls at the Paris Motor Show later on this year.

We at Easy Gap have already brought you the latest on the Mercedes brand earlier this week as well as bringing you the latest news on the new Skoda Fabia. The new Skoda Fabia has been seen out and about during testing this week and is tipped to join the Mercedes AMG GT model at the Paris Motor Show in October.

In other news the Mercedes brand has fallen further behind in the luxury car market as Audi jump both themselves and BMW. The Audi brand has been amongst the best selling brands this year and has completely outperformed both German rivals.

The success is only set to continue for the Audi brand later this year as new models such as the next generation TT model are set to join the market. The Audi brand are also set to release a new S4 model which is rumoured to be directly rivalled by the latest Benz development.

A new C Class variant Estate at Mercedes has been spotted undisguised during testing and raised a number of eyebrows. The eye catching beautiful looking model is set to become one of the best selling estate models upon its release as it looks to rival the Active tourer range at BMW and the Audi S4 models.