The Mazda 6 one of the best family vehicles on the road ?

Today we are taking a look into some of the finest family vehicles available today and at this moment in time we are focusing on the Mazda 6 model which is on sale right now here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. Mazda have always in our opinion got it right when it comes to the combination of comfort and power and we believe that this Mazda 6 model provides the same experience and could very well be one of the finest family models ever produced by the mass manufacturer. The likes of the MX-5 and the Mazda 3 are two of the companies finest sellers but the Mazda 6 is looking to outsell them and judging by what we know about this vehicle, we strongly believe that the opportunity is certainly there.


What makes the Mazda 6 something special ?

So what is it about this all new Mazda model that puts it on the map and why choose this family model over the likes of, the Volkswagen Passat and the Skoda Superb amongst others ?. Well firstly with a look into the performance aspect, we see the Mazda 6 ran by a 2.2 litre Diesel engine with the option of a 2.0 litre petrol engine also on offer too. There is also a tourer edition of this car which also comes fully fitted with climate control,leather upholstery and a set of 19 inch alloy wheels also come thrown in with this vehicle as part of the package too.

How much does the Mazda 6 sell for ?

We are first and foremost pleased to inform you that this Mazda is officially available to purchase right now from Mazda showroom's and dealer's across the United Kingdom and across other parts of the world too. In regards to a price tag that comes along with the Mazda 6, expect to make the investment for a starting cost of £19,595 ranging upwards varying on optional extras and which specific model suits you better.