Toyota Made in Europe for Europeans?
November 30, 2012
Toyota plan to capitise on the made in Britain aspect of car production.

Toyota new cars for the Europen market made in Europe!

In this Jubeliee and Olympic year it has never been more envouge to buy British. In fact the great British public have long had a hertigae of car making and are beomming more and more aware of the need to buy british and support British emploment.

A spokes person for Toyota is reported to have said There is a growing awareness among customers that we build cars in the UK, and that's something we are going to make more of in the future," 

Toyota plans to demontsrate this at shop floor level with an estimate one thousand six hundred sales staff being given an access all areas factory tour of the Uk home of the  Auris and Avenisis over a nine day period.

Toyota hope that the scale of business will hammer home the message of the investment and commitment to the Uk market.

Did you know that a car rolls off the production line evey 66 seconds?

The sales sale of the life blood of most dealerships and are Toyota's most important asset as this is the front line face of the Brand. 

Lets hope that Toyota continue with the invesment and suppot in the UK motor trade.

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